2023 - Memories Of The Year
w/e 31 December 2023
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490 or a Nikon D3300

It's often been said that as people get older they can remember things from their childhood but find it difficult to recall what they did last week. I'm beginning to subscribe to that theory as I had forgotten many of the places we had visited and photographed during 2023 until I scanned through all the photos taken during the last 12 months. Below are just a few of the images that were not used at the time - and just a few of those recalled memories.

Erewash Canal, Victoria Park, Manor Floods & Mappereley Reservoir in January

I'd forgotten that we'd started the new year with a
walk that rolled back the years taking us along, not for the first time nor the last, the Erewash Canal. This was followed by another of our regular visits to Victoria Park and we saw January out with two "water" walks, the first around the ice covered Manor Floods and the second at Mapperley Reservoir.

Shipley Park Snowdrops

We began February with another walk which took us on a dismal day along
Heanor Road. This provided the images for the three parts of the eighth part in the First Impressions series. The weather didn't improve much during the month but towards the end, the sun was out when we went to Shipley Country Park at snowdrop time.

War Memorial

There were more
spring flowers to be viewed at the beginning of March but then we were shocked with the sudden return of winter which covered the town with snow for a couple of days. As the snow cleared the wet weather continued throughout March but we still enjoyed a familiar route along the Erewash Canal and also visited Bramcote Hills Park for more of those spring flowers.
Lawn Mower

daffodils were out in April although they were rather damp from all the rainfall. It was not only the daffodils that were out, the lawn mower was too for its first appearance of the season and it was followed by many more such appearances during the summer. April also saw the Christian Walk of Witness up Bath Street, a return to Stanton-By-Dale for another look at the village centre and we ended the month admiring the colours of the season in the flowers and blossoms around the town. Oh, nearly forgot, there was the small matter of a Coronation at the end of April too.
Visitors & Jam

May brought us bluebell time and we started the month with a walk through
Hermit's Wood at Dale Abbey. I was also in reminiscent mood as I looked back to some old photos of Ilkeston alongside some new ones of the same locations in a Now and Then feature. I also reminisced about when I first started work during a rare visit to Nottingham and then sought some peace and tranquillity in Attenborough Village. Maybe it was the presence of regular neighbouring feline visitors Snowy and Oscar to our garden that put me in that reflective mood but they were also joined by a sick hedgehog out in the midday sun. We rescued the hedgehog and took it to the vets but sadly it didn't survive. A more fruitful mission in the garden was harvesting some rhubarb which when combined with ginger made some lovely jam.
Canal Festival

As the summer events got underway we visited Langley Mill for the
Canal Festival and Long Eaton for the Carnival. Between these two events we went to Sandiacre Lock and ended the month back in Victoria Park which had been prepared for the Britain in Bloom judges as the town went for another gold award.

Sandiacre Lock of course is on the Erewash Canal and the canal also featured again in July when a walk to
Hallam Fields and back had to be hastily re-routed due to a closed footpath. July also saw us at West Hallam for the annual Well Dressing Festival and Scarecrow Trail and back at Victoria Park for the Summer Sounds event. And July of course is when we spent a few days in Yorkshire and there were enough photos from Scarborough and Whitby to fill the Latest Images page throughout August, September and into October!
Music Festival

Interspersed with the holiday photos were some images from the
Heritage and Classic Car Show which was held in the Market Place and surrounding streets and this was followed a week later by a Music Festival (above) also in the Market Place. It is hoped this will become a regular annual event.

In September we were
enchanted by a garden at the Erewash Museum and also at several more locations around the town centre but the bulk of the month was taken up with more holidays photos like the one overlooking the harbour at Scarborough above.
Charter Fair

We were only in Yorkshire for a few days but the holiday photos kept coming through October until I decided to call a halt in time for the
771st Annual Charter Fair. This photo on a misty/smoky night at the Fair shows the Dodgems and the Gallopers near the War Memorial in the Market Place but we ended the month back on the towpath of the Erewash Canal looking for some autumn colours.

We were more successful the following week and back at the tree lined streets in town where the autumn leaves put on a great show. There was more autumn colour two weeks later when we were back in Victoria Park but in the intervening week it was the War Memorial that was prominent again in the photos taken at the the annual November Memorial Service on Remembrance Sunday. It was also in the Market Place at the end of November that the lights went on again and the countdown to Christmas began.

Swan Lake, Toys, Lights & Band in December

And so in this look back at 2023, we've reached December and after feeding the hungry birds at Swan Lake, it was nearly all about Christmas - the shops on South Street, the lights on private properties and the shoppers on the eve of Christmas Eve.
Well the trawl through this year's photos has certainly brought back some memories. Some things from early in the year I had forgotten completely, others were only half forgotten and I couldn't really forget our holiday even though we were away for only a few days. But how much will I remember this time next year? Now that could be a different story. Before I finish this page there is just one more thing before I forget that too -
Happy New Year.

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