Ilkeston - Good Friday & The Nail
w/e 09 April 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

After an enforced break caused mainly by the pandemic, the Walk of Witness on Good Friday returned to Ilkeston this year.

The Gathering

Christians from churches across the town gather in St Andrew's Methodist Church on Wilmot Street. Posters on the door were advertising a Ukrainian Refugee Exhibition.

As we had arrived early, we had time before the walk to peruse the images taken by photographer Alona Meinyk-Popova (Instagram: @alona_meinyk_photo) of eighteen Ukrainian women, some with their children.
Ukrainian Women

Each photo was accompanied by each woman's story written in two languages and as it said on the poster, "Some have overcome unexpected obstacles, while others cannot imagine that their life will not be the same as before."
Wilmot Street

At the prescribed time and following the cross, walkers lined up two by two on Wilmot Street.

The procession then turned into Bath Street to continue up the hill to the Market Place.

Bath Street

The walk continued in silence heading for the distant St Mary's Church passing shoppers going about their daily business.
Lower Market Place

As the front of the procession reached the Lower Market Place, the other end of it was still a good way down Bath Street.
Market Place

There were not many other people on the Market Place as the walkers streamed into St Mary's.
In St Mary's

Some Christians had already assembled in St Mary's and the pews soon filled up with the additional walkers. The cross was then taken down the aisle and erected in front of the alter.
The Nail

There then followed a presentation of "The Nail", based on the Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell's invitation to ask ourselves if we would have behaved differently in the situation of several key witnesses in Christ's crucifixion. A time of reflection on Good Friday ... but Sunday's coming!

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