West Hallam - Hungry Birds
w/e 03 December 2023
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300.

It was announced this week that 2023 is turning out to be the hottest year on record - but it certainly hasn't felt like that as the last few days have seen a sudden drop in temperature with many frosty mornings! Birds have been struggling to find something to eat so we decided on a trip down to the Straws Bridge Nature Reserve to provide a little sustenance.

Reception Committee

Word must have got round as this was the reception committee as we pulled on to the car park.
Thou Shalt Not Pass

I parked away from the birds but the car that followed us tried to drive where the birds were standing. They were very reluctant to move and it was a case of "Thou shalt not pass!"
Railway Bridge

After feeding them they followed us Pied Piper fashion and tried to help themselves to corn from the box we were carrying. They were indeed hungry birds. When we managed to escape we rounded the lake and went under the former railway bridge to the two smaller lakes in the Nature Reserve.
Small Lake

After passing under the bridge the smaller of the two lakes which lies to the right of the path appeared devoid of bird life and we spotted only one small bird in the shallows half way down the right hand side.
Larger Lake

It was a similar story on the larger lake to the left where two birds were swimming in the middle of the lake. The majority of the birds knew that their best chance of food was near the car park at the side of the main lake so that's where we returned.

We continued the circuit of the lake passing several frost covered benches, some of which had notices encouraging people to sit and chat. But that wasn't going to happen on such a cold day!
Picnic Area

The picnic area too didn't look very enticing. Shielded from the low lying sun by the trees the ground was still frost covered at the warmest (for "warmest" read "least cold") part of the day.
Swan Lake

Although popularly known as Swan Lake, much of it was inhabited by Canada Geese.

Flying Geese

That is until they all took off and flew to find pastures, or lakes, new.
Get My Best Side

Returning to where we started the "swan in chief" was still standing his ground on the car park but now, appetite satisfied, seemed intent on making sure I got his best side.


I told you it was cold. Today we woke up to this in our back garden!

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