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Photos on the guest pages, unless otherwise stated, have been submitted by visitors to the Ilkeston Cam. If you would like to submit possible additions, please email me enclosing details of the image, the camera used and any other relevant information. Minimal formatting may take place to make the images consistent with size and style of the rest of the site.

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Page 1 - Images From Close To Home

Images of Chesterfield and Hardwick Hall by Steve Garland.
An article about growing up in Ilkeston by Brian Savage.
Marion Swindell's horse at Dale Abbey.
Paul Shaw's images showing the natural beauty of the scenery around Ilkeston.
Page 2 - Ilkestonians Abroad

1 - Roy Gregory's images from his home in Sierra Madre, USA.
2 - Peter Roberts from the Dwesa Nature Reserve, South Africa whilst studying for his masters degree.
3 - A selection of images by Jayne Sidiropoulou taken after a 3 hour drive from her home in Greece.
Page 3 - Ilkestonians Abroad - Ottawa

4 - Jim Garner's submission from Ottawa, Canada where he has lived since 1973.
Page 4 - More Images From Close To Home

A page of photos supplied by a volunteer worker at Heage Windmill.
 Page 5 - Ilkestonians Abroad - Jim's Winter In Nanaimo

5 - More from Jim Garner, this time about his winter in Nanaimo on the west coast of Canada.
 Page 6 - Ilkestonians Abroad - Vankleek Hill

6 - Another Canadian instalment with photos this time supplied by Margaret Smith.

Page 7 - Ilkestonians Abroad - Nova Scotia

7 - Even more from Canada with a selection of autumnal images by Chris Beckett.

Page 8 - Carnival Memories

8 - In truth this is only partly a Guest Page with some memories of pre-war carnivals by Alf Pates and a selection of images from the early 1950s from my own collection of photos.

Page 9 - Christmas Around The World 2010

9 - A selection of images with a "Christmas " feel submitted by various people all around the world.

Page 10 - Ilkestonians Abroad - Germany

10 - Ilkeston born John Jagus has lived near the picturesque German town of Celle in Lower Saxony for more than thirty years and provided this set of images.

Page 11 - Graphic Art

11 - Graphic Designer and Freelance Illustrator Stephen Millership has created a series of illustrations depicting several familiar landmarks in and around Ilkeston. See them here together with digital images of the same landmarks.

Page 12 - Christmas at Wollaton

12 - A selection of images from the Light Trail around the Hall at Wollaton Park taken in December 2022 by Adam and Tracy Newton

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