Guest Page No. 7

Home From Home - Ilkestonians Abroad
7 - Nova Scotia

As a schoolboy in the late 1950s and early 1960s I was aware of several families from Ilkeston emigrating to Australia and indeed two of my school friends were among them. In more recent times Spain seems to have become the choice of Brits who want to live abroad but since starting this website it has become obvious to me that many Ilkeston people have crossed the Atlantic to set up home in the USA and Canada. We have already seen contributions to the Guest Pages from Roy Gregory in California, Jim Garner and Margaret Smith, both in Canada and now this set of images for our enjoyment has come to me from another Ilkestonian living abroad, Chris Beckett in Nova Scotia. Chris also provided the notes to accompany the images and began by telling me about a famous name that inhabited this part of the world. He wrote -

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and also made the first powered flight in the Empire. He experimented with hydrofoils and in many other areas of science and technology and for much of the time lived in Baddeck, Cape Breton.

All of Bell's research, including models, telephones and full-size hydrofoils, kites and other memorabilia is now housed in this museum in Baddeck.

The town of Baddeck is on the Brasdor Lakes in Cape Breton. Chris' image here shows an autumn sunset over the lake, taken in October when it was still warm enough to enjoy!

The famous Cabot Trail runs around the outer edge of Cape Breton, through the Highlands National Park. It's impressive anytime, but the autumn colours add a certain wonder.

This photo, from nearly at the top of the trail shows the valley leading to Fishing Cove. That's the open Atlantic, looking towards north Africa. The forest is in full autumn mode.

Celtic Lodge is an inn and golf resort in Ingonish. It's owned and operated by the Province of Nova Scotia and is a popular overnight destination.

Across Ingonish harbour from Celtic Lodge, is the Inverary Resort. Seen from a beach cottage, the sunrise sending long shadows from the trees promises another beautiful day.

This is another Cape Breton view from a lay-by on the Trail. More autumn beauty!

At a folk art auction in Lunenburg, various carved figures wait their turn to go under the hammer, including the doorman!

Even early on Sunday morning, Halifax harbour is busy. A container ship is manoeuvred with part of downtown Halifax as a backdrop. The objects in the foreground are part of a wave barrier set up at Shearwater Yacht Club.

Herring Cove is just outside Halifax and one of the harbour pilots lives here. He uses his wharf as a handy parking spot that's already halfway out to the point where they meet the incoming ships.

When the full moon rises through the pink of a departing sunset; when you add a view across the water to a lonely island and not a thing is stirring- this is what you get.

In downtown Dartmouth, the old Shubenacadie Canal had its terminus. This is about all that's left, but it's a great place for walks in the surrounding area.