Guest Page No. 12
Christmas at Wollaton
w/e 25 December 2022

All of this week's pictures were taken with mobile phones

Christmas at Wollaton

Thanks go to son and daughter-in-law Adam and Tracy for this selection of images following their visit to experience the light trail around the Hall in Wollaton Park. Adam also provided the commentary.

Wollaton Hall

After parking in the car park, it's just a short walk up the hill to the start of the light trail. The route takes
you by the illuminated house, which looks fantastically cartoon-like as you stand next to it.

Festive Ambience

The trail begins through trees and plants that are illuminated in an ever changing series of colours, while
gentle music plays as you walk through the garden. Lanterns and decorations hang from the trees, and
there's even a model dinosaur wearing a festive hat. Tracy refused to take a photo of the dinosaur, but
instead captured the festive ambience seen here.
Wollaton Deer

The deer of Wollaton Park were represented in light form next to a sparkling tree. What you can't tell from
this picture is that they were about 8 feet tall! Adam tries to watch the 1980s BBC TV series “The Box of
Delights” every Christmas, and this reminded him of Herne the Hunter from the show. No magical box was
found anywhere nearby.
Formal Gardens

The trail continued through an illuminated tunnel which led to the Formal Gardens, where plants were lit
up like Christmas trees. Tracy thought they looked like cacti. Many other trees were brightened with
spotlights from below, but the bushes and plants looked especially nice - the rain started gently falling as
we arrived at this section, and the lights reflected nicely in the puddles that formed.
Laser Light Show

Moving on to Camellia House (the oldest cast-iron-framed glass house in Europe), the interior was filled
with a laser light show. The lights constantly moved in a rainbow of colours, and it was slightly disorienting
to walk through. However, if you stood still, it looked amazing! We left the room by walking toward the
bright light, which was quite disturbing after such an ethereal experience!

This led us to a multicoloured Christmas tree around the other side of the house. The lights were
synchronised to a musical background, with more lights appearing on the tree as the music reached its
Changing Colours

The house changed colour with the music, and projected giant snowflakes finished the effect.
Tree Corridor

The path continued toward the end of the trail through a warmly lit corridor of trees. In the distance, a
fairground ride could be seen, but more on that in a moment!
Path to Gate

The last part of the trail was a path down to a gate, lit brightly on each side.

The experience concluded with a small fairground and a food market selling Yorkshire pudding wraps, giant
sausages, and a variety of hot chocolate and coffee. We thoroughly enjoyed the light trail and hope that it's
on again next year!

Happy Christmas from the Newton family

All that remains is to wish everyone viewing this page a very Happy Christmas from the Newton family.