This week's featured jigsaw puzzle - "Felix"

An announcement has been made this week that the No. 59 bus route through Stanley is to cease shortly. This follows on from the recent demise of the Yourbus company that has also ceased operating and the Felix company that operated in the same area disappeared some time ago. The Felix company was renowned for its friendly drivers and a "request" stop for them often meant passengers were picked up and dropped off at their garden gates. I'm sure many people in the Stanley area have fond memories of Felix and would love to see its return but that is very unlikely as the Disney organisation are very protective of their black cat trademark that was featured on the side of the buses. How apt is the destination "Sorry Not in service"?

If you have a landscape shaped image (preferably as a jpeg) that would make a good puzzle,
please send it to me, for possible inclusion here.


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The alternative Jigzone puzzle below is a 51 piece puzzle.

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