Ilkeston -Victoria Park
w/e 15 January 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490 or a Nikon D3300

Normally at this time of year we go to Wollaton Park or Shipley Country Park but with rain in the forecast every day we chose somewhere local instead and went to the old favourite, Victoria Park from where it's much easier to find shelter in inclement weather. As it happened, although there was evidence of previous rainfall in the ground conditions, it stayed dry whilst we were there.

Entrance Gate

We entered the park through the gate at the corner of Drummond Road and Bristol Road although we could have entered anywhere around the perimeter as the railings that once surrounded the park were removed many years ago.

The recent restoration of certain features in the park with the aid of a Heritage Lottery Fund grant included the construction of a new pergola and the replanting of the beds around it.

Marble Pillars

The marble pillars at the end of the pergola that were once sited at the gates of Nottingham Jail were also restored as was the Bandstand seen here in the background.
Tree Stump

Tree surgeons have recently been at work on the park and although the felling of trees is often necessary on safety grounds it's always a sad sight to see the resulting stump and sawdust that is left behind.
Purpled Leaved Plum

The absence of leaf cover at this time of year though only serves to enhance the skeletal features of the trees though like this gnarled trunks of a purpled leaved plum.
Flower Beds

Although all the flower beds in the park have been planted with primulas, the rainfall of recent days is apparent in the grassed areas.
Park Keeper

Another Lottery funded addition to the park is the "Park Keeper" artwork which has a plaque at its foot reading:
“Hello, I'm the park keeper. It was my job to protect and look after this beautiful park and the stories go that I would ring my bell to ask everyone to leave before the gates were locked. I'm made out of 200 pieces of recycled metal by local artist Gavin Darby (Frailloop). 20th August 2017."

Gavin Darby is also responsible for "Albert the Dog" which sits at the entrance to the bowling green and t
he Barefeet in the Park kiosk. The bowling green has a "Dog control order" on it which means that dogs are not allowed inside the gate but this area is especially provided for dog owners.

Also at the entrance to the bowling green and keeping an eye on "Albert" is a carved wooden owl.

Not all the animals in the park however are artworks. A squirrel scampered across the path in front of us and perched in one of the trees a robin was singing a beautiful song as we passed by.

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