Ilkeston - Heritage & Classic Vehicle Show
w/e 13 August 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300.

Heritage & Classic Vehicle Show

The Show returned to the town centre on Sunday 13th August with the usual array of cars, buses, lorries, motor bikes and other assorted vehicles to the delight of all heritage and classic vehicle enthusiasts.

American Vehicles

The weather did improve later but when I was there at lunchtime, it had just started to rain. Umbrellas were starting to go up on the Lower Market Place where there was a display of American vehicles.
Stock Car

At the the top of Bath Street a Heritage Stock Car was parked but as the rainfall began to become heavier, people were hurrying past.
Military Vehicles

Returning to the Market Place I passed a line of military vehicles.
Agricultural Vehicles

Pimlico car park also had a line of vehicles down one side but these were agricultural vehicles.

The other side of the car park had a selection of lorries.
Fire Engine

Also on Pimlico was this old Fire Engine. Don't know where it is based these days but I'm pretty sure it didn't come all the way from Devon for this event.

Steam Engines

Even older engines were steaming away on Wharncliffe Road.
Sports Cars

While on South Street, newer but classic sports cars were parked.

At one time of day, buses lined up on the Market Place would have been a common sight but not any longer. More buses were also occupying the current bus stops on Wharncliffe Road along with the steam engines.
Motor Bikes

As the rain beat down even harder, bikers left their motor cycles around the Cenotaph and took shelter which was my cue to put the camera away and head for home to dry out .... and the weather improved!

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