Bramcote Hills - Spring In The Park
w/e 26 March 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

We were passing through Bramcote so decided to pop into the park for a short walk (very short) to see if spring had arrived there.

Grassy Bank

There's a grassy bank at the edge of the park along Ilkeston Road and would recently have been covered with flowering crocuses. The flowers have now all gone but the leaves are still there and there are now also several clumps of daffodils.


Most of the trees are still leafless but this sapling was braving the cold and was starting to blossom.

The fenced enclosure in the centre of the park protecting park users from the potential falling space of a 200 year old tree was planted with woodland bulbs in 2007 and managed as a wildflower area. Sadly the tree fell in 2012 but has been left to decay naturally. To mark the 35th anniversary of twinning with Stadt Gütersloh, two beech trees were planted in the enclosure and now in the spring of 2023 daffodils are forcing their way up through last autumn's detritus.

At the far side of the grass area (away from the road) the wooded area appears to be underlined with a ribbon of more daffodils.
Bramcote Hill

We crossed the grass to the edge of the wood and it's here quite apparent why the park is called Bramcote Hills.
Woodland Path

We followed the path through the trees back towards the car park but turned right to the wallaed garden.

More of the spring flowers were tumbling down the hillside and flowing over the wall on the approach to the Walled Garden.

Conveniently situated at head height the beauty of the daffodils could be fully appreciated.

At the far end of the Walled Garden even more daffodils were visible from the arch marking the end of the garden and reminded me of Wordsworth's poetic "host".
Stapleford Hill

No visit to Bramcote Hills Park and the Walled Garden would be complete without a pause to view the Holocaust Memorial Returning sculpture in the garden and, of course, the Hemlock Stone across Coventry Lane on Stapleford Hill opposite.

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