Shipley Country Park - "Snowdrop" Hill
w/e 26 February 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

Osborne's PoneShipley Lane"Snowdrop" Hill is actually Shipley Hill but at this time of year there are huge swathes on the hill of what William Wordsworth described in his poem "To A Snowdrop" as "an unbidden guest" and a "venturous harbinger of Spring.” We started our walk at Osborne's Pond (left) and followed Shipley Lane (right) as far as Derby Lodge.

Derby Lodge

Looking into the garden at Derby Lodge we saw the expected array of snowdrops but also noted a new structure that we don't recollect having seen before.
Beggar's Walk

Continuing up the hill the bank at Beggar's Walk was almost completely covered with the flowers but unfortunately, anyone sitting on the bench would be looking away from the display.

We then had a choice of three routes - the zig-zag road to the right up to the site of the Hall; along Lodge Walk to the left by the Suffragette Wall (seen here on the left) or straight ahead into the grounds of the Hall and along the path where more snowdrops could be seen towards Nottingham Lodge.

It was the middle path to the Lodge that we chose where the sunlight streaming through the trees picked out the snowdrops splendidly.
Close Up

Such a simple flower but their abundance is a sight to behold every spring.

Not far behind the snowdrops, daffodils are also shooting up and their buds will soon be bursting.

But it's snowdrops that are the main event in this springtime show and anyone straying from the path would have to be careful where they put their feet.

We continued through the grounds and the wood on top of the hill to the viewpoint over Shipley Lake and the ongoing housing development on the former Theme Park site.

At Nottingham Lodge

Then we doubled back and headed towards the gates at Nottingham Lodge.There was evidence in the muddy tracks of a heavy vehicle having passed but fortunately it had missed the snowdrops by the wall even if it had been too wide for the path.
Osborne's Pond

At Nottingham Lodge we turned right and proceeded down the hill and across the meadows back to Shipley Lane to complete our walk near the still waters of Osborne's Pond.
Route Map

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