Ilkeston - Always Have A Plan B
Part 01 - Plan A
w/e 02 July 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

This was intended as a linear walk from Ilkeston to Trowell with the return on the bus. Due to an unforeseen obstacle it turned into a circular walk instead which is why it's always a good idea to have a Plan B.

Play Area

I'd already walked to the Gallows Inn Playing Fields which I entered near the children's play area and from where I intended to start the linear walk.
Rugby Pitch

I walked along the edge of the playing fields parallel with Nottingham Road to the far corner of the rugby pitch.
River Erewash

From there I dropped down the bank to the edge of the River Erewash and looked back to where the river passes under the bridge on Nottingham Road. Although it is only a short distance, the bridge was obscured by the trees and bushes that line the river bank.

Straight Run

A rope swing hangs from one of the trees but looking beyond that, in the opposite direction to Nottingham Road, the river flows in a straight line along the edge of the playing fields where it was rerouted from its natural meandering path.
Along The Edge

I returned to the rugby pitch and walked along the edge of the cut grass with the river running along the tree line to the left of the unmown area.
Cricket Square

Next in line after the rugby pitch is the cricket square.
Football Pitches

And the cricket square is closely followed by the football pitches.

The scrubland to the left is broken only by a pipeline which crosses the river.

It was this scrubland beyond the edge of the playing fields that I was intending to investigate further.
Playing Fields

But first I had to reach the end of the playing fields where, looking back, I could see all the sports facilities, football cricket and rugby, back to Nottingham Road. So far, so good and plan A still on track.

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