Ilkeston - Always Have A Plan B
Part 02 - When Plan A Became Plan B
w/e 09 July 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

So far in Plan A, I'd walked the length of Gallows Inn Playing Fields and now I was into pastures new.


The playing fields are sandwiched between the River Erewash and the Erewash Canal and I'd noticed on a map that a track continued from the end of the playing fields and ran parallel to the towpath of the canal separated only by a line of trees and bushes.

I followed the track although there are several places where the towpath can easily be accessed.

The track eventually leads to a clearing where there are a number of metal manhole covers and a small brick building, obviously nothing more than a site for the maintenance of local utilities. There were however numerous insects flying round including dragonflies, moths and butterflies. I spotted several dark blue butterflies but they were all pretty camera shy so I returned to one of the access points and crossed to the towpath.

Erewash Canal

Plan A still going as expected and I turned left to follow the towpath along the Erewash Canal.
Hallam Fields Lock

In the short distance to Hallam Fields Lock I passed a number of white swans with their fluffy grey cygnets, mallards and one particularly vocal moorhen but it was a notice on a fence post at the lock that brought Plan A to a sudden unexpected conclusion.
Canal Bridge

I had intended to turn left at the lock and cross Trowell Boards to come out near the Festival Inn at Trowell where I would have caught the bus back into Ilkeston town centre. The notice indicated that "no person shall proceed on foot" along the footpath to Trowell from June 28th until December 6th this year and as I am not blessed with wings, I had to find an alternative route. The alternatives were, return the way I had come, continue along the towpath towards Stapleford or cross the canal to Hallam Fields. I chose the latter which instantly became my Plan B.
Hallam Fields Road

From the canal, Hallam Fields Road rises up through the industrial area to pass the former St Bartholomew's Church which can be seen here in the distance.
The Stute

After the church building, Hallam Fields Road also passes the Stanton Institute, commonly known as The Stute.
Corporation Road

A right turn into Corporation Road leads past a fairly new housing estate which was built a few years ago on the site of the old Charnos Knitwear and Hosiery factory. Although it looks quiet, this Plan B route was in complete contrast to the peace and quiet of Plan A as I was passed by a number of heavy lorries that thundered along the road in both directions going to and from the industrial area.
The Triangle

Corporation Road splits at the bottom to The Triangle on the left and Thurman Street on the right. To complete the circuit to the Gallows Inn Playing Fields would involve taking the Thurman Street option to Nottingham Road and turning right to cross the Erewash Canal again. As I had walked this far I went left and instead of catching that bus, I walked back home. Lesson to be learned for this walk - always have a Plan B!
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