Ilkeston - When The Lights Went On Again
w/e 26 November 2023
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Galaxy S20 Mobile Phone.

The middle of October each year sees the town centre full of sideshows, stalls and rides as the annual Charter Fair arrives for four days of fun and towards the end of November, as regular as clockwork, amusements return to the Market Place when the Christmas lights are switched on.

Fairground Ride

The rides arrive on a Freiday afternoon and the festivities begin about 5:30pm when darkness falls.
Giant Slide

Stall holders selling toys and flashing lights, a giant inflatable slide and food stalls all contribute to keeping the crowds happy as they await the designated time of 7:00pm when the switch is thrown.

And the crowds certainly do turn out to support the event, so much so that it was shoulder to shoulder near the Town Hall and I couldn't get anywhere near.
Lights Off/Lights On

So standing towards the back of the crowd I captured these two images seconds apart with the lights off and the lights on.
Church Tower

Behind me with the clock showing a fraction after 7:00pm the Nativity scene on St Mary's Church tower was also illuminated.
Bath Street

Walking to the Lower Market Place I was surprised to see that the Bath Street lights were not on but even as I voiced my surprise, someone flicked the switch and they all came on.
Market Place

Returning to the Market Place the crowds were still there but were moving about more so it was easier to approach the Town Hall.

And in front of the Town Hall, a singer was belting out Christmas songs to entertain everyone whilst Mr and Mrs Claus posed for photos with the children.
South Street

The town centre roads were closed for the event which enabled people to wander in the highway and view the lights in South Street.

Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree had been erected at the side of the War Memorial in front of the library earlier in the week and lights were added the following day and now, on Friday evening, they shone out with the rest of the decorations. For many people, Christmas starts here but actually it's not even Advent yet and Christmas doesn't actually start until December 25th - but that won't stop the celebrations.

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