Ilkeston - Autumn In The Park
w/e 19 November 2023
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300.

A little while ago I said that autumn was late this year but no sooner did it arrive than it quickly started to pass and winter will be here sooner than we would like.

Victoria Park

In Victoria Park the rate of change is only too apparent with almost as many leaves on the ground as on the trees.
Leaf Mould

The paths in the park have been cleared and the already leaf mould is forming where the leaves have been blown into mounds at the edge of the tarmac.
Leafless Tree

Some trees have already lost all of their leaves.
Play Area

Others are holding on to their foliage a little longer and these near the children's play area form an attractive view.
Mature & Sapling

The contrast in this area is also apparent with the mature trees still showing their colours whilst the young sapling is almost leafless.

Evidence at the exit to Manners Road can be seen where fallen leaves (rain soaked) have been pushed along the path almost to the bollards.

More contrasting colours can also be seen in the hedgerows in the park.
Circular Bed

The same can be said of both of the circular beds at opposite ends of the central flower beds.

Evergreens in the long border facing the central beds will soon be the only colour remaining for the winter but at the moment have a backdrop of autumn colour.

Autumn Colour

And looking up through the branches of a tree as we exited the park showed much more of that autumn colour. Yes autumn is still with us but at the rate of change, it won't be here for much longer.

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