Ilkeston - Enchanted
w/e 17 September 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300.

Stanton Iron Ladle

On Saturday, September 16th the Erewash Museum hosted an Enchanted Garden event aimed mostly at children with a special trail and magical themed craft activities. We were passing on Friday so popped in to see some of the decorations as the staff prepared for the event. A gazebo stood ready and the old Stanton Iron Ladle near the entrance had been decorated.
Brickwork & Bushes

There were fairies, toadstools and secret doors to enchant the youngsters on the brickwork and bushes.
In The Grass

Lots of other decorations too were in the grass to stretch the imagination.
Flower Filled

More magic doors surrounded the foot of the flower filled structure that stands in the garden and the hedges were dotted with butterflies and other magical creatures.
Summer Bedding

One definition of "enchanted" is to be "filled with delight" and that of course can be applied to many other places. There is always something in Victoria Park to enchant you even when the summer bedding in the flower beds is being removed ready for the winter planting to take place.
Carpet Bedding

Those plants that haven't yet been removed still look good including the carpet bedding display showing the tribute to the King Charles III.
Horse Chestnut

Chaucer Old Park too can also be enchanting especially when the leaves are starting to turn like those on this horse chestnut tree.

And when those youngsters come out of the museum, they will be charmed to see the conkers on the Horse chestnut that will soon be falling off.
Holly Tree

But we don't have to go far to be charmed by the fruit on a tree. About forty years ago we demolished an old shed and found a sprig of holly growing behind it. We replanted it further down the garden and it has grown into a tree some twenty five feet (or more) tall. The top is full of red berries at the moment and there's a school of thought that says it's going to be a bad winter. I'm more inclined to believe it's because we've had a good summer but given the recent weather, I could be persuaded otherwise.


Lower down the berries are still turning to red but once they do I'm sure all the birds that visit the garden will be enchanted by them and soon devour the lot.

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