Ilkeston - Colours Of Spring
w/e 23 April 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

We can expect many brightly coloured plants during the summer months and autumn is renowned for its golds and browns as the leaves start to turn but it's the colours of spring after the oft times drab months of winter that are most welcome. First we have the white of snowdrops followed closely by a variety of crocuses and golden daffodils. Now bluebells are starting to follow but here are a few more seen this week.

White Blossom

Some trees are already turning various shades of green whilst others are still sporting white blossom like here on Chaucer Old Park.

Pink Blossom

It's pink blossom elsewhere.
Deep Pink Blossom

And there's also a deeper shade of pink.

This magnolia tree is veering towards purple.
Erewash Canal

We took a walk along the Erewash Canal where the green of the grass was interspersed, like may other open spaces, with flecks of yellow wildflowers.

We thought all the yellow flowers were dandelions ....

.... but a closer look showed that a lot of them could actually be coltsfoot. These are a relative of daisies, dandelions and sunflowers and are very similar to the dandelion but with a much rounder middle. They are loved by bees.

The canal walk did reveal some more blossom - white on blackthorn bushes.

And cream on laurel - this apparently is known as cherry laurel.

But it was the yellow wildflowers that were the most prominent and whether it's the dandelion or coltsfoot species, they'll all soon be turning to clocks and spreading their seeds everywhere.

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