Nottingham - Rolling Back The Years
w/e 21 May 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

Theatre Royal

Apart from a visit to see a production at the Theatre Royal towards the end of last year, we haven't been to the city centre in Nottingham since before the pandemic and the enforced lockdown.
Royal Concert Hall

Whilst at The Theatre Royal this time, we also took a look at the adjoining Royal Concert Hall which we have also visited several times in the past.
Newton Building

Behind the Royal Centre complex is Nottingham Trent University's Newton (no relation) building and seeing this reminded me of when I first started work. Back then I attended a evening class in a Technical College on Shakespeare Street (beyond the Newton building) to study for a qualification in English Law, Commercial Practice and Elements of Insurance.
Thurland Street

That first job after leaving school was based in a first floor office for an insurance company above the shop named Chloe on Thurland Street. In the mid 1960s that was The Shirt Shop.
The Exchange

The manager of the insurance company would often send me out to buy tobacco for him from Gauntleys just inside The Exchange under the Council House. Gauntleys is still there all these years later.
Clumber Street

Whilst working in Nottingham I spent many a lunch hour browsing through boxes of deleted vinyl records searching for a bargain in a record shop on Clumber Street - and I found quite a few. The shop is still there but it is now The Levi's Tailor Shop.
Bridlesmith Gate

After eighteen months working in Life Assurance I move across town to the motor department of another insurance company housed in this building on Bridlesmith Gate. I spent fourteen months there in 1965/66 writing thirty day cover notes - a soul destroying job if ever there was one. One of the first things that happened after I left was sixty day cover notes were issued instead thus reducing the workload by half!
St James's Street

One unforgettable experience but barely remembered event whilst working in Nottingham was an invitation to a Stag Party from a work colleague. I don't even remember who that colleague was but a group of about a dozen of us gathered in a pub on the left hand side of St James's Street just off the Old Market Square. No sooner had the first round of drinks been ordered they were off across the road to another pub. We visited seventeen or eighteen pubs in total around the city centre. I wasn't a teetotaller but couldn't keep up with their "Pints for everyone" in each pub so quickly switched to a small Martini or orange juice. As I said it was unforgettable but I don't remember much about the evening except that it was a good job I'd arranged for my Dad to come and pick me up beforehand.

Old Market Square

I can't walk past St James Street now into the Old Market Square without thinking about that evening even if I can't remember much about it. The Square still has a familiarity about it even though the area in front of the Council House has undergone some significant changes over the years. I walked through the Square nearly every day whilst working in Nottingham from the old Mount Street Bus Station to both places of employment.
Wheeler Gate

In those days you could get a Worker's Return bus ticket from Ilkeston for two shillings and five pence (just under 12½p). It was quite a shock when the fare was increased by two pence and meant I had to save a bit longer to buy a paperback book from Sisson and Parker's book shop (now a Sainsbury's Local) on Wheeler Gate. I read quite a number of books on the bus to and from work. It was also Sisson and Parker's where books could be chosen as prizes for special achievements whilst at school and during my senior school days, I was fortunate enough to be awarded three. The first one I chose was an account of the ascent of Everest in 1953 which was announced on coronation day in 1953. So having rolled back the years to 1953, the second coronation in my lifetime just a couple of weeks ago, brings us neatly back to the present.

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