Shipley Country Park - Around Mapperley Reservoir
w/e 29 January 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490 or a Nikon D3300

After all this time that I've been uploading photos it's inevitable that some places get visited more than once. Mapperley Reservoir is one such place.

Shipley Lane

On this occasion we approached the reservoir from Mapperley Village and parked in the adjacent car park. We then returned along Shipley Lane to walk along the footpath on the dam wall.
Pond House

The last time I was here - on one of the Autumn Footprints walks last September - we stopped at the reservoir to see the Mandarin Ducks but they were nowhere to be seen this time. We then followed the path along the northeastern side of the reservoir past Pond House which was obscured back then by the foliage on the trees and shrubs.
Pier & Sluice

This time we continued over the dam pausing only at the pier and sluice about halfway across.

At the end of the dam we turned to pass the notice covered gate to access the path running alongside the water.
Dam Wall

There are access points along from the path down to fishing platforms and they also give good views of the dam wall.

As the path turns towards the north, a drain crossing it made for an interesting few minutes as we negotiated a way through the mud.
A Country Walk by Patience Strong

Earlier in the day I had read a few lines in a book of daily readings by Patience Strong and as we walked towards Square Wood, those words about the eye seeing much more through the naked trees, coupled with the earlier view of Pond House, came back to me.


There are two L-shaped bends in the path on the approach to Square Wood taking it further away from the side of the reservoir and at one of them someone had used an old tree stump as a feeding table for the birds. As we passed a robin landed, spread its wings and then kindly adopted a pose whilst I took its photo.

We continued along the meandering path through Square Wood and then crossed one of three footbridges that cross streams that feed into the reservoir.
Northeast Side

Now on the other side of the reservoir we had the choice of the muddy path by the water or the slightly less option, which we chose, of the wider, almost parallel track a little further away. When the routes diverged to pass either side of the car park we returned to the narrower path along the northeast side of the reservoir.
Canada Geese

We had a bag of seed with us with the intention of feeding the birds but the ducks remainded hidden in the shallows beneath the overhanging vegetation and a flock of Canada geese swimming on the water showed no interest at all so we returned to the car park.
Our walk around Mapperley Reservoir was only a little over a mile in length but this is a Route Map link.

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