Ilkeston - Autumn on the Erewash Canal
w/e 29 October 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300.

According to the weather present on TV the weather last week was "unsettled" which in layman's terms means that for most of the week it was overcast, raining or with a damp atmosphere and cooler than most people would like. There was just one day when it was a lovely autumn day and that was when we took advantage of the fine weather to take a short circular walk with all of the images below coming from the middle part of the route.

Gallows Inn Lock

Storm Babet has caused devastation all over the country and for a time floods caused the main road from Ilkeston to Nottingham to be closed but traffic was flowing freely as we approached Gallows Inn Lock to start the middle section of our walk.
Erewash Canal

As we started along the Erewash Canal we were hoping for some autumn colour but all the rain meant that many of the trees were still sporting their lush summer foliage.
Bird Watching

A couple walking in the opposite direction said that we might spot a kingfisher flitting through the trees but the only birds were saw were the usual water fowl. Another couple were feeding the birds and mallards squabbled for titbits and two cygnets came to see what all the fuss was about - all under the watchful gaze of a pair of feline eyes on the opposite bank.
Tow Path

As we approached Green's Lock, some of that autumn colour we were hoping for did overhang the towpath.
Autumn Fruits

The colour may not have been seen in abundance but all along the canal there were examples of various autumn fruits.
Green's Lock

The gates at the far end of Green's Lock.
Towards Cossall

Between Green's Lock and Potter's Lock the railway line runs close to the canal and a gap in the hedge allows a view of the countryside up the hill towards Cossall Village.
Larklands Play Area

On the other side of the canal a tree, one of the few where the leaves were well on the way to adopting their autumn hues, was looking splendid on the Larklands Play Area.
River Erewash

Leaving the canal towpath for a short diversion we walked to the bridge over the River Erewash to view the water level which was still high after the storm but a track between the canal and the river was still covered with puddles and mud as a result of the earlier floods.

Potter's Lock

Returning to the canal we crossed the bridge at Potter's Lock and were treated to another burst of autumn colour. In recent years we've been accustomed to the trees changing colour in mid September. We're now almost into November and autumn is a little late this year. Wonder what the winter will bring.

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