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w/e 23 July 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300 apart from the first one taken on a mobile phone.

After a number of years without a holiday, we really enjoyed our break in Scarborough last year, so much so that we returned to the Yorkshire coast for another few days away in early July this year.

Cliff Bridge

We arrived on Monday in early afternoon and after unloading the luggage at our accommodation and settling in, we made our way down Ramshill Road to join Valley Road and pass under the Cliff Bridge (sometimes also called Spa Bridge) to the seafront. The bridge dates from 1837 and is Grade II listed.
Familiar View

Once under the bridge the familiar view along Foreshore Road and the South Bay opened up before us with the harbour nestling below the castle topped headland.
St Nicholas Gardens

We crossed Foreshore Road to walk along on the seaward side. Last year we were surprised on our first day in Scarborough by the number of children and day-trippers in the town but this year, as we passed St Nicholas Gardens and the Big Wheel, the pavements were comparatively deserted. We put this down to the fact that we we there a week earlier in July this time.

We were still surprised this year though and that was by the price of Donuts at this kiosk on the beach.
(Current supermarket price 5 for £1.10p)
Coney Island

We continued along Foreshore Road passing Bland's Cliff, which rises steeply up into the town, and the Coney Island Amusement Arcade.
South Bay

With the shadows beginning to lengthen, we stopped at the Lifeboat Station and looked back across South Bay towards the Spa and Oliver's Mount before returning along Foreshore Road to take a ride up the Tramway into the town. From there we eventually made our way back to unpack, enjoy a meal and plan the next few days.
Wave Watching

On one of those days, Wednesday, we again walked along Foreshore Road to the harbour (more of that later) but also found time to sit for a while and watch the waves rolling in.
North Bay

It was Thursday though before we made it to the cliff above Royal Albert Drive which runs along the North Bay.
Queen's Parade

The road along the top of the cliff is Queen's Parade which is lined with hotels, guest houses and holiday homes.

Scarborough Castle

The drive along Queen's Parade, Blenheim Terrace and Rutland Terrace provided some good views of Scarborough Castle but this was a brief interlude between other places we visited on Thursday. Next though it's Tuesday and a day in Whitby.
Continued in 2 - A Day In Whitby

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