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w/e 01 October 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300.

8 - Along The East Pier

Our visit to Scalby Mills had been a relatively quiet day photographically but on the following day, our last full day in Scarborough, we packed quite a lot in and the camera shutter was clicking all day long.

East Pier

We began with a morning walk along the East Pier. There are four piers surrounding the harbours in Scarborough and we had walked along three of them last year. This walk along the East Pier which forms the outer wall, seaward side, of the East Harbour therefore completes the quartet.
Grand Hotel

The inner wall of the East Harbour is known as the Old Pier and this is connected to the shorter Vincent's Pier, on which the lighthouse stands, by a footbridge. The Old Pier forms one side of the Old Harbour beyond which is the West Pier, all of which and the seafront are overlooked by the imposing Grand Hotel.
Oliver's Mount

Also overlooking the whole of Scarborough is Oliver's Mount which we would visit later in the day.
St Mary's Church

Looking across the harbours though it's St Mary's Church that looks down over the rooftops of the town.
Sea Defences

As the East Pier wall dog-legs near the entrance to the harbour, the sea wall is protected against the vagaries of the North Sea by rocky and boulder strewn sea defences supplemented by concrete blocks. On the sea front the Spa Entertainment and Conferencing Venue is visible on the left and the Cliff Bridge over which we walked many times, is on the right.
Vincent's Pier

We walked to the very end of the East Pier which extends beyond the L-shaped Vincent's Pier.
East Harbour

As we began our return down the pier we noticed steps down from the East Pier and a vertical ladder on the wall of Vincent's Pier at the entrance to the East Harbour. I imagine some adventurous but foolhardy souls might try and cross the entrance to the harbour by this method but I also think the authorities would frown on such an action.
High & Dry

Further along the pier several craft were fastened high on the harbour wall. We wondered whether they had been left high and dry when the tide went out or just stored here for later use.

Castle Hill

Nearer the end of the pier the castle-topped headland loomed large and although we did ponder scaling the paths and steps up to the top, common sense prevailed and we decided against it. It was nearly lunchtime anyway and that took precedence.
Old Harbour

So we turned away from the pier and walked alongside the Old Harbour, lined with fishing boats and lobster pots which always act as a reminder that this is still a working harbour despite all the tourist attractions. Our objective though was to find somewhere to eat and plan our afternoon .... which will follow next.
Continued in 9 - Peasholm & Oliver's Mount

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