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w/e 06 August 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300.

2 - A Day In Whitby

We were on holiday in Scarborough with our son Adam and daughter in law Tracy and on the second day of our break in Yorkshire, Adam drove us the twenty miles up the coast to Whitby.

River Esk

Our previous visits to Whitby some forty years ago had seen us mainly on the eastern side of the River Esk or on the north facing coast west of the harbour to see the Whalebone Arch and the West Cliff towards Sandsend. This time we parked on the Endeavour Wharf Car Park on the western side of the Esk, an area unfamiliar to us all so the first part of our day in Whitby would be one of discovery.

And the first things we discovered were hundreds of tiny starfish on the edge of the wharf - surely a sign that Whitby is still a working harbour for fishing boats.

Before moving away from the edge of the wharf, we looked across to the headland opposite surmounted by the Church of St Mary and Cholmley House.
Whitby Endeavour

As we moved along the wharf we passed the impressive looking Whitby Endeavour moored in a small inlet off the River Esk. We would walk around the end of the inlet and down New Quay Road opposite.

This replica of Captain James Cook's boat not only houses a children's museum but is also a restaurant. Even if you don't go on board the colourful paintwork makes it an unmissable attraction.
Lobster Pots

Whilst the Endeavour is a tourist attraction during the holiday season, nearby, piles of ropes, lobster pots and other sea going paraphernalia were evidence of the all year round business of fishing.

Abbey View

From the end of the inlet with New Quay Road on the left, the view across the river revealed not only St Mary's Church but also the ruins of Whitby Abbey beyond the other buildings on the skyline.
Yorkshire Trading Co

One of the shops on New Quay Road, the Yorkshire Trading Company, discount traders in Home, Hardware and Gardening equipment, was also overflowing with seaside souvenirs and toys to keep children entertained on the beach.
Fish & Chips

Among the other shops are many cafes and restaurants and plenty of places to enjoy a favourite meal of fish and chips with of course, locally caught fish.
Swing Bridge

So far our walk through Whitby had taken us through parts of the town unfamiliar to us, but as some visitors perhaps were contemplating a boat trip, we were heading for the swing bridge to take us to an area we had visited previously - Church Street and the steps up to the Abbey.
Continued in 3 - To The 199 Steps

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