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w/e 15 October 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300.

10 - Father & Son Time

During our time in Scarborough we had visited or seen many of the tourist attractions from The Mere and Oliver's Mount to Peasholm Park and Scalby Mills, from the Castle and the harbours to the sea front and The Spa. But one place that we had seen marked on Google maps (see below) that we had not caught sight of, despite passing the area several times, was the Victorian Pet Cemetery. If it was marked on the map, surely it was worth at least a look.

On the last evening before returning home Adam and I decided to investigate.

Scrub Land

We descended the hillside along the path from Valley Bridge and scoured the area. We asked a council worker busy cutting the grass but all to no avail. Eventually we found a way into an area of scrub land by climbing a wall and found the said cemetery.

Approaching the same from Valley Road, we found another way to the site through this gate but still had to scale a three foot high wall to reach the cemetery.
Pet Cemetery

There we found a number of headstones scattered about among the trees and undergrowth. Although we are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers, it seems as though the Victorians were more caring about their pets than later generations as the cemetery now seems to have fallen into a neglected site.

Bird House

Mission complete, we moved across to the other side of Valley Road where there are a number of interconnected ponds, this one with a fair amount of algae but also with a bird house.
Between Ponds

We followed the path between two ponds and under Valley Bridge.
Lower Pond

The path passes another pond at a lower level which was completely covered with algae.

The two ponds are connected by a small waterfall.
Valley Bridge

We paused here before descending to the lower pond and viewed the Valley Bridge structure which was originally built as the Lendal Bridge in York. Sadly whilst being constructed there in 1861 it collapsed killing five men. It was recovered and re-erected here, supported by two piers, opening in July 1865 as a toll bridge until 1928. The increase in traffic in the early part of the century resulted in the bridge being widened and now, like Ernie Wise's wig, you can't see the join!
Valley Road

With one last glance back at the manicured lawns and colourful flower beds, we crossed back over Valley Road to return up the hillside and bring an end to our father and son time.
Brunch Stop

The next day we also called an end to our 2023 holiday but this last photo was taken on our way back home when we stopped at Goole to enjoy brunch at a supermarket in this converted mill. Now to plan for next year.

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