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w/e 27 August 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Galaxy S20 Mobile Phone.

4 - At The Foot Of The Steps In Whitby

Having reached the foot of the 199 Steps during our walk through Whitby, it was decision time. Adam and Tracy decided to join the hundreds of tourists, including several school parties, that were swarming up and down the steps to the Abbey whilst Sandra and myself took the more leisurely option to stay near the bottom. handing the camera to the more energetic pair, I took these photos with my mobile phone.

Henrietta Street

I did actually climb the first 40 or 50 steps (I didn't count them) to a viewing platform and took this shot along Henrietta Street which continues from the steps and Church Lane passing the cottages on the East Cliff. Whilst most people carry on up the steps, relatively few carry on along Henrietta Street although while we were there several vehicles slowly made their way along the narrow street. The flower bed (bottom right) was created a few years ago as part of the town's entry in the Britain in Bloom competition.
Viewing Platform

From the aforementioned viewing platform there was a good view over the rooftops to the West Pier where the River Esk meets the sea.
West Pier

And moving to the edge of the platform there was an even better view of the pier and also the Whitby Harbour West Pier Lighthouse at the start of the West Pier Extension.
Whalebone Arch

Looking to the left and zooming in past the chimney stack I could see the Whalebone Arch at the Captain Cook memorial site but the statue of the famous explorer was obscured by the chimney!

I returned down the steps to Church Lane where the crowds, temporarily at least, appeared to have thinned.
Sandside/Tate Hill

Below where we had stopped on Henrietta Street at the foot of the steps was another paved area with seating and a lane runs down to and past it. Now looking at maps of the area it appears that the lane goes by two names. Some show it as Sandside, others as Tate Hill. The green sign on the wall at the left is for North Star Holiday Cottage whilst the cottages directly ahead are on Sandside. Tate Hill Beach lies just beyond the cottages.
East Pier

I decided to explore a little and as I started to descend the lane, whatever it is called, the East Pier of Whitby's pincer-shaped harbour came into view.


I weaved my way along paths and alleys between the cottages many of them enhanced by flower displays.
River Esk

This brought me out above another smaller pier stretching out into the River Esk.
Tate Hill Pier

The smaller pier is known as Tate Hill Pier and the sands to the right are Tate Hill Beach. I continued, passing the pier, to came out on Church Street. I then completed the circuit to Henrietta Street to await the wanderers' return and to see what images they had captured - which is what we'll see next ....
Continued in 5 - At The Top Of The Steps

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