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w/e 08 October 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300.

9 - Peasholm & Oliver's Mount

After lunch on our last full day in Scarborough we headed north again but only as far as the Peasholm Park area.

The Robin Hood

The previous day at Scalby Mills I had just caught the back end of the train on the North Bay Railway line as it left the station but today at the southern end of the line, the Robin Hood with its driver was just waiting to fill up with passengers before starting its regular trip overlooking the bay. Peasholm Station is at the entrance to the Open Air Theatre but we couldn't access the grounds there due to a rehearsal for a concert later in the day so whilst Adam and Tracy took a ride on the train, Sandra and I crossed the road to enter Peasholm Park.

Adam and Tracy joined us later in time for the Naval Battle which was preceded by the guitar playing compère on the bandstand. The battle is a re-enactment of a Second World War event so it was a little surprising that the compère's repertoire was mainly First World War and current Pop songs.
Plane & Sub

The battle with a number of vessels including a submarine (bottom left) and aircraft flying in across the lake to drop bombs on enemy targets.
Naval Battle

The bombing resulted in numerous explosions both on the island (top) and on the enemy ships including a direct hit on the submarine (bottom).
Before & After

Before the battle had started there had been a parade of all the ships involved and at the end the parade was repeated but this time the "captains" were revealed too. I once heard these boats referred to as "floating coffins" but the participants all looked very mush alive and were waving to the crowd.
War Memorial

From Peasholm Park we drove across town and up to the summit of Oliver's Mount near the War Memorial. The stone obelisk is a Grade II listed structure.

The Memorial also occupies a commanding view over the whole of Scarborough.
North Yorkshire Moors

Not only is the view over the town but it also extends over the North Yorkshire Moors.


As we returned down from Oliver's Mount we wanted to call in at The Mere - an expanse in the valley of three large lakes - to rekindle on old memory. We had no option but to stop as we approached The Mere as the road was blocked by a gaggle of Canada Geese and as we entered the site, we were almost "mugged" by the birds who all came quickly towards us. I think it must have been near to their feeding time.
The Mere

The Mere is a quiet place these days using mainly as a fishing lake but also sometimes has water skiers zooming across its surface - much different to that old memory.

In the middle of the last century a replica of a Spanish Galleon called the Hispaniola took holidaymakers across the lakes to a sandy beach on "Treasure Island" where children were invited to scramble in the sand and dig for buried treasure. My memory is one of wet sand under my finger nails and in my shoes and a feeling of disappointment as I found no treasure. But I now treasure this black and white photo taken by my Dad who left his coat on the seat by my Mum as he stood to take the photo as we returned from the beach. Notice too, that even whilst on holiday, I was still wearing my school cap and a tie!

The final part in this series of holiday images is less mother and son and more father and son.
Continued in Part 10 - Father & Son Time

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