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w/e 13 August 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300.

3 - To The 199 Steps In Whitby

There is a debate about how many steps there are up to Whitby Abbey. Some records state 198, others 200 but they are officially know as the 199 Steps. They were our objective in this, the second part of our day in Whitby - but first we had to get there.

River Esk

To do that we first had to cross the River Esk and this is the view looking back upstream to the tall mast of the Whitby Endeavour moored in the small inlet off the river on the right and the Endeavour Wharf beyond where we had parked. The structure in the foreground is part of the foundations on which the bridge swings.

Immediately after crossing the bridge, the narrow alley on the left is called Sandgate. It is by this that we would return but we passed by and continued a little further along Bridge Street.
Church Street (south end)

We then turned, with many more holidaymakers and tourists, into Church Street.
Whitby Jet Jewellery

Church Street is lined on both sides with shops and many of them are selling the famous Whitby Jet jewellery.

Old Town Hall

Almost half way along Church Street is the Old Town Hall which dates from 1788 and is Grade II* listed.
Market Place

The Old Town Hall has an open ground floor which is now used for market trading. The upper floor is supported by Tuscan columns and the streets on either side of it and the open space on the other side to Church Street form the Market Place.
Church Street (north end)

It would be via the Market Place that we would return to Sandgate but for now we continued along Church Street passing more shops, many of them selling more Whitby Jet - but there were others too, like the Sweet Shop on the left. The brick built building on the right is Albert's Eatery & Museum of Whitby Jet which is situated in the Wesley Hall that was built in 1901.

One of them had Whitby souvenirs of all kinds, including games, books, jigsaws, cushions, clothing and probably many other items too.
Church Lane

At the end of Church Street the road turns and becomes Church Lane rising up to the foot of the steps.
199 Steps

And it was at the foot of the steps that a decision had to be made. Do we carry on and climb to the Abbey or turn back the way we came? All will be revealed in the next part.
Continued in 4 - At The Foot Of The Steps

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