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w/e 24 September 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300.

7 - Scalby Mills

After our day out in Whitby we spent the following day, and indeed the rest of our holiday, in Scarborough. During the morning we strolled along the seafront, enjoyed Knickerbocker Glories and lemon-topped ice creams in the Harbour Bar and mooched around the shops in the town. In the afternoon we headed towards Whitby again but only as far as the northern end of Scarborough's North Bay to an area known as Scalby Mills.

Sea Life

Adam and Tracy wanted to visit the "amazing underwater world and take a fascinating journey to the ocean depth" at the Sea Life attraction whilst we continued our relaxing day on the seafront.

First of all we wandered towards the headland at the end of the bay and, me being me, seeing a footbridge leading to a flight of steps, decided to go and explore.
Old Scalby Mills

To reach the bridge meant a short walk along the promenade towards the Old Scalby Mills pub and restaurant.
Cleveland Way

After crossing the bridge it became clear why the steps up the headland were there as as signpost indicated they were on the long distance footpath known as the Cleveland Way.
North Bay

Below were several families scrambling on the rocky foreshore and dipping in the rock pools but looking over them, the whole vista of the North Bay, with Scarborough Castle prominent at the southern end, was visible beyond the Sea Life centre.
Coffee Time

Being so close to the Old Scalby Mills it would be churlish not to pop in for an afternoon coffee now wouldn't it? Despite this view staff were busy scuttling about delivering food to other parts of the pub and customers were coming and going all the time we were there. Strange how a single photo can distort the reality.

Sea Wall

Leaving the pub we continued our wanderings and followed the sea wall around Sea Life and part way into the North Bay.
To The Station

At the far end of Sea Life various signs pointed to other attractions including up a path to the terminus of the North Bay Heritage Railway.
Station Platform

We continued a little further around the bay before retracing our steps to the car park where I climbed up another path to the railway station just in time to see the train disappearing into the distance beyond the platform.
Pirate Golf

Several paths zig-zag down from the station and overlook the Sea Life attraction which, besides the seals, otters, penguins, sharks and other underwater creatures, also has a Pirate Adventure Mini Golf Course. And if you look carefully, you can also see the signpost (top right) we passed earlier as we wandered around the bay.
Continued in 8 - Along The East Pier

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