Ilkeston - Meteorological Spring Flowers
w/e 05 March 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

Meteorological spring starts each year in the Northern Hemisphere on March 1st and in theory means that the worst of the winter is over. Astronomical spring on the other hand occurs at the vernal equinox which falls around March 20th but whichever date you go by, the spring flowers always appear around this time of year. Here are some of them at some familiar haunts around Ilkeston.

Cantelupe Road

There's always a good display of crocuses on Chaucer Old Park ('Illy 'Oleys) along the edge of Cantelupe Road. The yellow ones usually appear first with more colours arriving as the days go by.

Crocuses are also visible from Stanton Road among the headstones in the cemetery.
Stanton Rd Cemetery

It's worth entering the cemetery though and walking down to the far end where there are far fewer headstones and many more crocuses.

White Lion Square

It's primulas that are flowering in the five beds on the island at White Lion Square, the southern end of Chalons Way.
Market Place

And there are more primulas in the beds either side of the War Memorial on the Market Place. There are more crocuses dotted in the grass in the Memorial Garden at the side of St Mary's Church.
Memorial Garden

As well as the sporadic crocuses the steps to the Memorial Garden are lined with dwarf daffodils of the Tête-à-tête variety.
Flower Variety

The garden by the wall in front of the Cantelupe Centre and St Mary's Church also has a mixture of Tête-à-tête daffodils and crocuses whilst the beds at the entrance to the church are full of a variety of flowers and shrubs that add colour in all the seasons.
Victoria Park

Victoria Park of course, along Bristol Road, is a riot of colour at this time of year with snowdrops still flowering, crocuses too blooming profusely and the green shoots of daffodils promising more colour to come.

The obligatory close up of some of the crocuses on the park.

Nearby more flowers are already in full bloom in the shelter of a wall. I was tempted to call these wallflowers but as you can see they are daffodils, this time full sized rather than the dwarf variety. Whatever the variety of flower and whether daffodils or crocuses, they all indicate the arrival of spring whether meteorological or astronomical - but according to the latest weather forecast, there's a chance of snow next week!

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