Ilkeston -Manor Floods
w/e 22 January 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490 or a Nikon D3300

Manor Floods

Manor Floods is one of three Local Nature Reserves straddling the Nutbrook Trail on the Ilkeston/West Hallam border, the other two being Straw's Bridge and Pewit Carr.


There are several access points to Manor Floods and on this occasion we chose the one from the Manners Industrial Estate. Years ago a lane stretched all the way down from near Victoria Park through the former Manners Colliery but most of the lane was swallowed up by the Industrial Estate and only a little remains at the entrance to the Nature Reserve.

The lane opens out to a vehicle parking area - you would be hard pressed to call it a car park - but again in years gone by, it would be used by football players when they turned up for matches. There were no vehicles when we visited but I think it is still probably used by anglers. We walked through the entrance to the site.
Icy Path

There are two paths on entering the site leading north and south of the lake. We carefully took the ice covered one to the north and followed it to the distant trees. The football pitch has long since disappeared but it would have been to the right of this path.


We reached the trees and also the edge of the lake where we were greeted by a family of swans.
The Lake

There were more birds dotted on the water but they were too far away to be identified.
Nutbrook Trail

We followed the path to where it joined the Nutbrook Trail and turned left to continue with the lake on the left and the Nut Brook, which is just visible through the trees, on the right.
Fishing Platform

There are several fishing platforms along this western edge of the lake and from this one it was obvious why there were no anglers. The majority of the lake was covered with ice.
No Fishing

At the southern end of the lake "No Fishing" notices warned about the overhead electric power lines.
Ice Covered

We turned left off the Nutbrook Trail to follow another path beneath the overhead lines from where it appeared that the whole length of the lake beyond the bulrushes was ice covered.

The path returned us to the entrance to the Reserve in what appeared to be almost spring-like conditions but the freezing temperatures still told a different story. To see Manor Floods and more of the site in entirely different weather conditions, there's another selection of photos, taken in May 2015 when the site was first designated a Local Nature Reserve, that can be viewed by clicking this link.

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