Ilkeston - Damp Daffs
w/e 02 April 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

England has had the wettest March since 1981 with the East Midlands having about twice as much rain as the annual average. It's as though April showers arrived a month early. All the water hasn't stopped the daffodils from flowering although it's not done them many favours either and some now are beginning to look a little bedraggled. The following images were all taken this week at regular haunts around town.

Park Cemetery

In front of the chapels in Park Cemetery.
'Illy 'Oleys

A swathe of yellow on 'Illy 'Oleys planted by the Council workers with the help of children from Chaucer Junior School in 2014.
Erewash Museum

A rather sad looking display in the gardens at the Erewash Museum.
St Mary's Church

Lining the bank at the side of St Mary's Church.
Sheltered Corner

These daffodils in a quiet and sheltered corner of the churchyard overlooking the Lower Market Place have fared better than many in more exposed places.
Behind Cantelupe

Also sheltered by the church and the Cantelupe Centre, these in the bed behind the centre are also doing well.
Garden of Remembrance

The tête-à-tête lining sheltered by the steps to the Garden of Remembrance have come on well since early March but the others in the more open ground are lagging behind somewhat. The yellow flowers around the War memorial are also adding colour to the town centre but they are not daffodils but primulas.

Back in early March the wall in front of the Cantelupe Centre was sporting a fine display of crocuses but they have all gone now and more tête-à-tête daffodils are becoming the main focus.
Old Market Cross

And more tête-à-têtes are flowering in the shelter of the large stone, thought by some to be the base of the old Market Cross, in front of the Cantelupe Centre.

White Lion Square

The five flower beds on the White Lion Square island at the southern end of Chalons Way are full of colour at the moment but the centre of the island has daffodils at the base of the trees that are growing there.

Just for comparison this is a similar view of the island taken on April 1st 2001. Not so many daffodils today as there were then but look how much the trees have grown since then.

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