Ilkeston - Coronation
w/e 30 April 2023

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

With the upcoming coronation of King Charles III less than a week away I think I can safely say that the event has divided opinion. Whilst many are wholeheartedly looking forward to the day, others are more concerned with the cost of living crisis and are understandably concerned about the expense of the coronation. In Ilkeston preparations have been taking place but they seem to be much more low key and muted than for similar celebrations such as the late Queen's Platinum Jubilee last year.

South Street

In the town centre bunting has been strung across South Street on the approach to the Market Place.
Market Place Corner

In a corner of the Market Place, there is also bunting draped across the front of the Sir John Warren but there is none visible of The King's Head opposite despite its name.
Flags & Bunting

The bunting continues across the Market Place but the opposite opinions are perhaps also apparent in two more drinking establishments. The Market Inn has gone to town with Union Flags across its frontage but its neighbour, Shakers, has so far at least refrained from such a display - but there's still time.
Bath Street

The bunting continues down the top end of Bath Street but only a handful of shops have window displays.

Shop Windows

These are a few of the shop window displays seen in South Street and Bath Street.

In the Albion Centre office suppliers and stationery store Rymans have displays both in the window and inside the shop. They appear to have a large supply of decorations and memorabilia and are probably hoping for a surge of customers to relieve them of some of their stock. I do find though, the masks with white card showing through where there are holes for the eyes to be quite menacing!
Residential Properties

As well as the business in the town centre, some residential properties have also been decorated with flags and bunting but they are few and far between. The England flags (bottom right) could well be a St George's Day celebration that has been left up for the coronation.
King Street

As well as the bunting, the flags and the other decorations that have been erected, banners proclaiming the county is celebrating the coronation have been installed on lighting columns by Derbyshire County Council. In the past Kings have been honoured by having streets named after them, for example King George Avenue and here pictured above, another that could refer to any King, the one size fits all King Street. Time alone will tell whether any new development honours the new King by naming a street after him.
Charles Close

If the King ever does undertake a nationwide tour of the UK, we could even see "Charles Close" to the town and maybe he would even visit here.
King's Barber

But as he prepares for his coronation next weekend, he'll probably need to ensure the crown will fit. It's unlikely though that he will travel to Ilkeston for a haircut.

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