In September 1995 a leaflet in a "Town Walks" series was published with funds from the Groundwork Environment Fund supported by the Department of Environment. A number of organisations and individuals were responsible for its production and are listed on the leaflet as Erewash Borough Council, Erewash Museum, Groundwork Erewash, Countryside Commission, local historian Keith Reedman, Barclays Bank, Ralph Marks, The Sherwood Group, W. Westerman & Co., The Long Eaton Rotary Club and Wade Furniture. Following an anti-clockwise route of about two miles through the town centre the "Long Eaton Centenary Town Trail" could be walked in about one and a half hours which allowed time to stop and view many points and buildings of interest. The leaflet is no longer available but fortunately I still have a copy.

Eighteen years later in 2013 again in September a small booklet was published titled "Long Eaton Townscape Heritage Initiative" (THI) which was a self-guided walk around a similar area but in a clockwise direction. This route described in booklet also looked at historic buildings and features including repair projects funded through the THI grant programme. The funding for the programme was supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Derby and Derbyshire Economic Partnership, Erewash Borough Council with matching funding from property owners. The guided walk was designed, researched and written by the aforementioned local historian Keith Reedman.

For the purposes of the "Town Walk" series on this site I will be sourcing information from various places but will be relying heavily on the information contained in both publications and am grateful to all those who were instrumental in their production. Both routes begin at the Town Hall and I have decided as a general rule to follow the clockwise direction.

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Town Hall to Market Place
Church to Chapel
Union Sreet to Brown's Road
Brown's Road to Station Street
Station Street to The Chatsworth Centre
The Chatsworth Centre to West Park
Through Fox Covert
West Park to Derby Road
Hamilton Road to Leopold Street
Leopold Street to Lawrence Street
Lawrence Street to The Green

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