Long Eaton Town Walk

Part 07 - Through Fox Covert
w/e 18 November 2018
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Information for this series has been sourced from various places including the"Long Eaton Centenary Town Trail" leaflet (CTT) and the"Long Eaton Townscape Heritage Initiative" booklet (THI).

Erewash Canal

As we descend the ramp from the footbridge over the Erewash Canal into West Park our objective in this part of the Town Walk through Long Eaton is the cemetery to the north of the park. We could easily just haave followed the path or walked across the grass but instead we doubled back from the ramp to pick up a path to the south alongside the canal.
Flood Bank

This led into Fox Covert Nature Reserve and the top of a flood bank that runs through it, a popular area with dog walkers as we were about to find out.
Board Walk

We climbed down a flight of steps from the flood bank to pick up the Nature Trail in the Reserve which led to a board walk through what is described as "marshland" although fortunately it was quite dry.

A leaflet about the site also describes the area as "tranquil unspoilt countryside" that has "remained relatively undisturbed." I think this picture of the path through the part of the site to the south of the flood bank is testament to that.
Concrete Channel

The path led back to the flood bank and after climbing back up to the top a passing gentleman informed us that in wet weather the concrete channel fills up with water. In the seventeenth century this was all arable land and in 1819 it was owned by Lord Harrington of Elvaston Castle.
Where's The Path?

The Nature Trail continues on the northern side of the bank and we again descended a flight of steps to continue the walk. The path was not clear and after wandering around trying to find our way through the site we spotted some steps through the trees only to find they were the same ones we had descended only a few minutes earlier.
West Park

Climbing back up to the top of the bank we met a lady walking three dogs (seen here towards the left of the picture). She told us she lived locally and had never been able to find her way through that part of the Reserve so we didn't feel too badly about it. We walked with her and her dogs along the flood bank to the edge of Fox Covert before descending again into West Park.
Fox Covert

As we walked across West Park we spotted the place where we should have exited Fox Covert but it is worth pointing out here that Lord Harrington leased the area to a local family of builders who extracted clay for a thriving brick making business. When that ended the Harrington Estate planted trees to provide cover for foxes - hence the name by which it is known today.

The northern extent of the Reserve which is roughly square in shape is bounded by Golden Brook which runs through the park and which we crossed near the pavilion and children's play area,

Turning right after crossing the brook we passed the Bandstand of 1935. The cemetery wall is visible here on the far side of the park and it is from there that we will continue in the next part.
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