First Impressions
No. 06 - Part 03 - Little Hallam Hill
w/e 15 May 2022

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300


St Norbert DriveGodfrey DriveThe alternatives at the end of the Sowbrook Lane section of this First Impressions series were to turn left along St Norbert Drive to join Ladywood Road at the western edge of Kirk Hallam at its junction with Godfrey Drive or right to join at the eastern crossroads of Godfrey Drive (left) and St Norbert Drive (Right) shown above.

Nut Brook

Beyond the crossroads, Ladywood Road become Little Hallam Hill and as the road rises first of all over a former railway bridge, it also crosses the Nut Brook and the former Nutbrook Canal and there is access to a footpath alongside the brook from both sides of the road.
Nutbrook Trail Access

There is also access from the northern side of the road at the end of the former railway bridge, via a flight of steps to the eleven mile long Nutbrook Trail between Long Eaton and Heanor which at this point runs along the route of the former L.M.S.R Stanton and Shipley railway line.

There is no pavement once the bridge has been crossed on the southern side so we crossed over and looking back between the road bridge and the pedestrian bridge, we could see the Nutbrook Trail below.
Beauty Spot

The reason for crossing though, apart from there being no pavement, was to get a view of this stretch of water. It was once a reservoir supplying drinking water to Ilkeston and it's within living memory when the Beauty Spot as it is known, being used as a boating lake and staging sporting activities, firework shows and carnivals. Older residents may also recall the practice of "monkey parading", the practice of young working class men and women, dressing in their Sunday best and walking around the lake hoping to meet someone of the opposite sex.

The road now dips down again after crossing the bridge. The pavement resumes on the right hand side, there is a ramped access to the Nutbrook Trail and as the road begins to rise up Little Hallam Hill, an old house was demolished and a Veterinary Practice built in its place a little while ago. Housing on a new estate currently under construction of Quarry Hill can also be seen backing on to the vet's site.
Old Hall

On the opposite side of the road is a paddock where animals can often be seen grazing but in the distance there is a glimpse of the oldest surviving domestic residence in Ilkeston. This is Little Hallam Hall, also known as the Old Hall, a sixteenth century Grade II listed timber-framed house on The Spinney.
Picture the Past ref DCCS00086)
Railway Bridge Site

The Spinney is the next road on the left and years ago the car in the picture would be right underneath a railway bridge across Little Hallam Hill carrying the Stanton Branch of the L.N.E.R. line.
Bull's Head

The road continues to rise and almost at the top of the hill is The Bull's Head pub which is currently undergoing some restoration and redevelopment work with a number of new properties being built behind.
Quarry Hill Road

It's opposite the pub at the mini-roundabout that Quarry Hill Road joins Little Hallam Hill, Quarry Hill Road of course being the end of the fourth route into the town in this series. Part 4 of this route will follow from the top of the hill and continue up Stanton Road.

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