First Impressions
No. 06 - Part 02 - Ladywood Road
w/e 10 April 2022

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

The first part of this walk along Ladywood Road took us from the edge of Kirk Hallam to Ladywood School which is where we start this second part.

Goole Avenue

A footpath at the side of the school gives pedestrian access to the northern half of the Kirk Hallam estate whilst opposite the school, it's Goole Avenue that provides similar access to the southern half. The large building on the left at the far end of Goole Avenue is part of a shopping precinct where there is also a Health Centre.
Vine Farm Close

As we near the heart of the old village there are two comparatively smaller developments on the northern side of Ladywood Road, the first being Vine Farm Close. Kirk Hallam was originally a small agricultural village so the name of Vine Farm Close suggests it was built on the site of an old farm.
Old Properties

Between Vine Farm Close and the other small and later development, Belvoir Close, are some older properties. These two in particular always remind me of a lodge marking the entrance to a country estate similar to those in Shipley Country Park but maybe that's just my fanciful imagination!
Belvoir Close

Another older property stands close to and contrasts with those at the entrance to Belvoir Close - old and new side by side.
Welbeck Avenue

Across from Belvoir Close is Welbeck Avenue, the only other vehicular access apart from St Norbert Drive to the southern half of the Kirk Hallam estate.
Church Drive

But back on the northern side of Ladywood Road and again almost opposite Welbeck Avenue is the drive to All Saints Church.

All Saints Church

The church is a Grade 1 listed building and dates back to Norman times and the earliest vicar was recorded in 1298 to be a monk called Simon de Radford. A footpath to the left of the church provides another pedestrian access to the northern part of the housing estate.

From the church drive Ladywood Road descends more steeply to the Nut Brook Valley.
Old School

About half way down the hill is the Old School, now a residential property but that has obviously been modernised but which still shows it was built in 1872 on the date stone above the window. The steps at the side of the property lead to another pedestrian access to the estate.

At the bottom of the hill Ladywood Road is joined once again by Godfrey Drive on the left and St Norbert Drive on the right bringing the two halves of the estate together again. After the crossroads, Ladywood Road starts to rise again over the Nut Brook which is where we'll continue from in Part 3.

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