First Impressions
No. 06 - Part 01 - Ladywood Road
w/e 10 April 2022

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

I didn't realise until starting this look at the 6th of the nine roads into Ilkeston that I started this series back in January 2009. In fact the 5th part was also nearly two years ago (July 2020) but that is partly due to the lockdowns so it's high time we madw a bit more headway.

Kirk Hallam

Some years ago I heard that the wagon on the island at the northern end of Chalons Way caused confusion to visitors as they thought they were entering a place called Stanton due the the name painted on the side of it rather than being in Ilkeston. The same confusion could also arise when approaching the town along Ladywood Road, the A6096 from Derby, as the sign welcomes visitors to Kirk Hallam.
Service Road

Kirk Hallam of course was once a village in its own right but is now recognised as part of Ilkeston. The anomalies don't stop there however as this part of the enlarged village now falls within the parish of Dale Abbey. A service road from Ladywood Road serves some of those properties.

The approach to Kirk Hallam along Ladywood Road is, in my opinion, one of the more pleasant routes into the town as it drops down from the west to the valley of the Nut Brook before rising up into the centre of Ilkeston. The higher ground provides panoramic views of the town and the entry into Kirk Hallam is always enhanced at this time of year by the thousands of daffodils on both sides of the road.
Cat and Fiddle

Once the service road for the properties off Ladywood Road is crossed, so is the boundary between Dale Abbey and Kirk Hallam and the first building on the left is the Cat and Fiddle pub..
Pub Car Park

The pub car park is on the corner of Godfrey Drive, the main spine road through the northern half of the Kirk Hallam estate that was built during the 1960s and 70s.
St Norbert Drive

Opposite Godfrey Drive is St Norbert Drive leading to the southern half of the estate that was built a little earlier in the 1950s and 60s and which housed many workers employed at the nearby Stanton and Staveley works. Both St Norbert Drive and Godfrey Drive loop round in a semi-circular fashion to meet again further along Ladywood Road.
Wide Verges

I can't help thinking that if these estates had been built today that the wide verges and service roads off Ladywood Road would not exist and there would be far fewer semi-detached houses and many more town houses and probably three and four storey structures too.

The estate development along Ladywood Road ends at the Co-op Garage and shop and Captain Kirk's Fish and Chip Shop ....

Ladywood Road

.... after which older properties line Ladywood Road.
Ladywood School

The only vehicular access to the northern half of the Kirk Hallam estate is along Godfrey Drive but there are pedestrian routes such as the footpath alongside the fence that surrounds Ladywood Primary and Nursery School.
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