First Impressions
No. 06 - Part 04 - Stanton Road
w/e 22 May 2022

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

Little Hallam Hill

Three of the nine roads leading into Ilkeston - Quarry Hill Road (No. 4), Sowbrook Lane and through Kirk Hallam (No.5) and Ladywood Road (No. 6) - have now come together on Little Hallam Hill and as we continue towards the town centre this next stage takes us round the corner on Little Hallam Hill and on to Lower Stanton Road. Although there is no right turn for vehicular traffic, the road straight ahead is Little Hallam Lane which leads to Nottingham Road (N0. 2) and also the Hallam Fields area of the town..
Catherine Avenue Junction

With a few exceptions the rest of Lower Stanton Road and Stanton Road is mainly a residential area. One of those exceptions is on the corner of Lower Stanton Road and Catherine Avenue. When the Co-Operative Society had a major presence in the town with their main store being on South Street, they also had a number of smaller grocery shops dotted about. This was one of them and although all of the others have now closed this one was retained as part of the funeral care business.
Cavendish Road Junction

Among all the houses there is a small green oasis on the corner of Cavendish Road. To me it's a surprise that at this busy road junction where there is frequently a lot of traffic congestion, that a mini roundabout hasn't been installed similar to the one at the other end of Cavendish Road where it joins Nottingham Road. But on the other hand we should be grateful for these open spaces however small they are.
Residential & Retail

Another of those exceptions is a row of properties standing opposite Cavendish Road. This was once a row of shops and although some still remain, others have been converted for residential use.
Scholar Close.

At the end of Lower Stanton Road just before it starts to climb as Stanton Road, the site of the former Stanton Vale SLD (Severe Learning Disability) School has now been developed as a small housing estate. As a nod towards the previous occupants of the site the road into the estate is called Scholar Close.
The Pines

About halfway up the hill and on the corner of Blackhills Drive is a large Victorian house that has operated since 1996 as The Pines Day Nursery. To many Ilkestonians, including award winning actor Robert Lindsay for whom it was a local haunt before he left to achieve his fame and fortune, it is still fondly remembered as the Pines Youth Club.
Stanton Road Cemetery

Next to The Pines is the resting place of another of Ilkeston's giants of entertainment, the so called "Ilson Giant". The Stanton Road Cemetery not only has the grave of the 7 feet 4½ inch tall Samuel Taylor but also contains a life sized wooden sculpture of the man born in 1816 and who had a career in show business from the age of 16 until his death in Manchester aged 59.
Former Fire Station

As the road begins to level off near the top of Stanton Road, there are two more buildings of significant interest. The first is on the corner of Havelock Street and although the signs read "East Midlands Medical Supplies Ltd", it is of interest because originally it was built as the town's first purpose built Fire Station.

The 'Avelock

On the next corner, that of Stanton Road and Regent Street, is the recently opened Zeon Defteros. Built in the 1930s as a public house it was called The General Havelock and more recently was known as Finn M'Couls before reverting to its original name. This year it has been refurbished and opened as a cocktail bar. To many people though it will always be the 'Avelock. The Catholic Church of St Thomas of Hereford stands at the other end of Regent Street at its junction with Nottingham Road.
White Lion Square

And Nottingham Road and Stanton Road come together at the large island at the southern end of Chalons Way which is still known as White Lion Square even though all the premises in this area (including the White Lion pub) were demolished to make way for Chalons Way and the island. The next road in this series into the town, the seventh, Derby Road, will also conclude at this island.
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