First Impressions
No. 02 - Part 02 - Ilkeston Junction
w/e 23 May 2010
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Middleton Street

As we rejoin the walk on Coronation Road where the pedestrian footbridge over the railway meets the road again, the view directly in front is along Middleton Street which will be familiar to anyone who has ever visited the large building on the left. This former textile mill is the well-known retail outlet that trades under the name of Armstrong's Mill. Also well-known to Ilkeston people but perhaps not as widely as the mill is the Dewdrop pub which can be seen on the right behind the white building.
The Junction

Access to both the mill and the pub is via Station Street which means negotiating a tight hairpin bend when approaching from Coronation Road. This area is called Ilkeston Junction primarily because of the railway connection but it could also equally be applied to the road network as this is where five of them meet. Apart from the two already mentioned, Wentworth Street is on the left which is directly opposite Digby Street just out of shot on the right. This is also the point where Coronation Road directly ahead changes to Station Road behind..
Wentworth Street

Wentworth Street which we saw in an earlier part from Millership Way is mainly a residential street but it does give access to a few business premises as well and there is a footpath from the end that leads to the Erewash Canal and Millership Way. From here the new road can be seen running across the end of Wentworth Street at a higher level.
Station Road

In contrast to Wentworth Street, the Digby Street/Middleton Street area of Ilkeston Junction is mainly an industrial zone with a few residential properties. As we travel further along Station Road we shall pass even more retail outlets and industrial premises before reaching the mainly residential area nearer the town centre. In this view however, from near the end of Wentworth Street there is a row of houses standing opposdite the Waterside Retail Park. Also worth noting in this picture are the walls on either side of the road which mark the crossing of the River Erewash.
Erewash North

The Erewash is the natural boundary between Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire but as already pointed out, the boundary in this area has been realigned to include the Junction within the Ilkeston town boundary and therefore be in Derbyshire. This is the view north from the bridge on Station Road with some of the units on the Waterside retail Park just visible on the left.
Erewash South

From the opposite side of the road the view to the south show the proximity of the river to the buildings on Digby Street. It could never be called a major river and presently the water level is relatively low but it was responsible during the wet summer of 2007 for flooding and damage at many of the properties residential, retail and industrial at the Junction.
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