First Impressions
No. 02 - Part 03 - Station Road
w/e 15 August 2010
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Albert Villas

The area twixt the River Erewash and the Erewash Canal that is featured in this part is occupied for the most part by industrial and retail premises save for a few house and the terrace of a dozen or so houses called Albert Villas. A former mobile home site accessed from the left of the terrace closed a few years ago.
Retail Park Entrance

Opposite Albert Villas is part of Smiths of Ilkeston's motor trading business which operates from a split site. Part of the business is on the corner of the entrance to the Waterside Retail Park but I can't help thinking that the planners missed a trick here when designing Millership Way which runs behind the raetail park. Part of the benefit of Millership Way was purported to be a reduction of traffic through the mainly residential area of Station Road and an access from the new road would have made this a much more realistic proposition. As it is the increasing popularity of the retail park and the other light industrial activity at Ilkeston Junction makes any significant reduction unlikely.
Businesses Both Sides

The second part of Smiths of Ilkeston (top right) is to the right of Albert Villas and at the junction with The Ropewalk (bottom right) where there are a number of other light industrial and business premises. Both sides of Station Road here are occupied by businesses and a large structure on the boundary of the retail park opposite The Ropewalk displays the names of the companies on the site.
Waterside Retail Park

Another smaller structure duplicates the information about the companies on the Waterside Retail Park and although there appears to be plenty of parking spaces in this view, there are times when parking here is at a premium. The name "Waterside" is particularly apt as the site which is roughly triangular in shape is bounded not only by Station Road but also by the river and canal as they converge behind the retail units.
Erewash Canal South

And it is to the Erewash Canal that we turn next with this view to the south from the Station Road Bridge. If you look very closely towards the centre of the picture you may be able to make out a swan and four cygnets on the water (see also right) - a little glimpse of nature amid the hustle and bustle of town life.
Erewash Canal North

To the north the canal begins to turn behind the retail park before continuing its journey to Langley Mill but from the bridge the lush green growth prevents any views much beyond the end of Mill Street which can be seen here on the left.
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