First Impressions
No. 02 - Part 01 - Coronation Road (leading to Station Road)
w/e 16 May 2010
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Coronation Road

The second route into town in this 'First Impressions' series begins at the same place as the first but instead of following the new link road, Millership Way, from the roundabout at the end of the Awsworth Bypass, we take the exit to the diverted Coronation Road which immediately leads up to the railway bridge and then on to Station Road at the area known as Ilkeston Junction.
Narrow Bridge

It was hoped that Millership Way would take a lot of the traffic off this road but although it has reduced the amount, a substantial quantity still uses the original route. This is only to be expected as most of the industrial and retail developments in the area are at this end of Station Road. The bridge therefore is still a bottleneck especially when large vehicles are crossing one way or the other. Although we have not yet reached the River Erewash, the natural boundary between Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, the sign here indicates that the boundary between the counties has been realigned to follow the railway line at this point.
Pedestrian Walkway

Vehicles and pedestrians are separated to cross the railway and walkers must use the footbridge suspended at the side of the road bridge. This also allows the foot traveller to see the rusty panels on the road bridge and could raise concerns as to its safety. Recently I have heard talk of possible weight restrictions on the bridge and traffic calming measures on Station Road including chicanes, parking restrictions and lay-bys plus a new mini-roundabout but as the road is also a bus route, I'm not sure exactly what the outcome will be. As we continue along Station Road in future parts, the situation may become a little clearer.
Station Site

From the pedestrian bridge the view to the north shows the new railway bridge on Millership Way and also overlooks the old Ilkeston Junction Station site which is also the proposed site of the new Ilkeston Station if it ever comes to fruition. Although all the right noises are being made, it faces many of the same problems encountered by the construction of Millership Way as the site straddles the county boundary and there are four authorities involved, Erewash and Broxtowe Borough Councils and Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire County Councils. In addition there's the financial consideration which is estimated to be in the region of five or six million pounds and in the current economic climate we shall just have to wait and see. We didn't have to wait very long though for the graffiti artists to make their presence felt on the new bridge.
Scrap Yard

When I first started this series, I intended it to reflect what the first impressions a visitor would acquire on entering the town but since then it has become abundantly apparent that pedestrians are likely to get a far different impression to those who arrive by vehicles. Here for example walkers over the pedestrian bridge are much more likely to see the scrap yard at the side of the railway line than incomers by car and therfore are likely to form a much different opinion.
Bridge Exit

Leaving the footbridge to rejoin the road we will resume the walk here in the next part and descend Coronation Road to join Station Road at its junction with three more streets, namely Wentworth, Digby and Station Street.
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