First Impressions
No. 01 - Part 05 - Rutland Street
w/e 10 January 2010
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The previous four parts of this route into Ilkeston followed Millership Way, the new link road from the Awsworth bypass. This fifth part is along Rutland Street and actually follows the same route we took in Part 30 of the Town Walk and it is worth comparing these images with those taken five years ago. Click here to compare.

Rutland Street

Through The Gasworks GateWe begin at the new island where the two roads meet and the most obvious change is the disappearance of the town's iconic former Gasworks building. The demolition began in November 2005 but progress was slow and even late into 2009 a huge pile of bricks still stood high on the site. Looking through the gate now (left) there is still a pile of soil and rubble so it could be some time before any new development takes place. Former narrow streets like Lower Bloomsgrove Road (right) at the end of the Gasworks site, have been blocked off now, being unsuitable for today's traffic.

The left hand side of Rutland Street has also undergone a dramatic change in recent years, the whole length now being occupied by the Tesco store and car park. Previously there was a Council Depot, a bus garage and several small businesses here and even earlier the railway branch line into the Town Station ran along here.

On the opposite north side of Rutland Street there are still small business ventures interspersed with the housing.
Great White Wall

A fine row of terraced housing near the end of the street must surely have had some value taken off their selling price as the outlook from them now is only onto the great white wall of the supermarket.
Lower Granby Street

At the end of the terrace is Lower Granby Street and on the opposite corner is the Arena Christian Centre. The white building behind is now occupied by the Orchard Kitchens business but has an interesting history as it was formerly the Hippodrome Theatre. (See Town Walk Part 31 for more details).
Chalons Way Island

We will conclude this route into town at the island at the northern end of Chalons Way as two more routes will meet here but across the island to the left is the bottom of Bath Street which leads up into the town centre. It has to be said that the final part of this route is not the prettiest way into Ilkeston but it is a busy route with shoppers travelling to the Tesco store and other vehicles accessing the other businesses. The covering of snow and the blue skies certainly enhanced the visual aspect in these images though.
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