First Impressions
No. 01 - Part 04 - Millership Way
w/e 05 April 2009
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

In this part of our walk between the Awsworth By Pass and Ilkeston we shall complete the route along the new link road, Millership Way but to finish this section of the "First Impressions" series we still have to follow the whole length of Rutland Street and this will follow in Part 5.


We resume this time adjacent to the third new bridge (the one over the Erewash Canal) that has been constructed to carry the traffic on the new link. Here there is the first pedestrian access (above left) since the start of the road at the Awsworth end. This leads to new paths to the Wash Meadow Play Area, the canal towpath and Station Road. Our route though is to continue along the wide footpath of Millership Way (right above) where a number of new trees and shrubs have been planted at the side of the road but unfortunately the bark covered area has already become something of a litter trap.

As we near the built up area a number of signs come into view, two official denoting a reduction in the speed limit from 50mph to 30mph and the way ahead to Nottingham, Derby, Heanor and Ilkeston and another not quite so official advertising a car washing business.
High Level Parking

That business is housed in the Rutland Industrial Estate although parking would appear to be at a premium with one vehicle already at roof level! This area of the Industrial Estate was previously accessed via a narrow lane off the Rutland Street/Belfield Street junction but is now directly off Millership Way.
Pedestrian Crossing

A new traffic roundabout has been constructed at the junction mentioned above which also allows access to the Tesco store car park and just before the end of Millership Way a crossing installed for the benefit of pedestrians.

A new entrance has also been created adjacent to the pedestrian crossing into the Wash Meadow Play Area. The local council insist on calling areas such as this by various names - for example, we also have the Gordon Street Play Area and Chaucer Old Park but local people still refer to them by names that have stood the test of time. Gordon Street is The Ashes, Chaucer Old Park is 'Illy 'Oleys and Wash Meadow (above) of course is Johnny's.
New Barrier

The new entrance off Millership Way seen in the previous image can also be seen on the extreme left of the picture above. Back in 2005 when we passed this way on the Town Walk, I was speculating prior to the start of the construction of the new link road about the future of Johnny's but even though some alterations have been necessary at this end of the site including the new barrier seen above, the majority of Johnny's has survived intact. Some expats I know will join with many of the town's current population in welcoming this fact as it holds many memories of times gone by. Before it was considered improper for animals to perform I recall a Circus setting up here in the 1960s and a close encounter with an elephant. No doubt other people have memories of Johnny's but whether or not they are fit for publication is debatable.
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