Ilkeston Cam On Holiday 2002 - South West Wales
Part 15 - Carew

The photos on this page were taken on Thursday 18th July

It would be quite easy when travelling along this road to blink and miss Carew (pronounced Care - oo) altogether. A narrow bridge crosses the millpond to enter the village and the road passes between a pub on one side and the Wesley Chapel on the other.
Carew Inn

A few yards further on another pub, the Carew Inn stands on the corner of a lane leading to a number of dwellings in the village but anyone passing straight on would miss the village's main attractions.
Celtic Cross

Almost opposite the Carew Inn a car park allows access to the first of these attractions, the Carew Cross. This 11th century Celtic cross was erected to the memory of the last King of Dyfed after he was slain.
Carew Castle

From the cross a mile long path leads around the millpond and passes the second attraction. Carew Castle, today open to the public, has much history attached to it including the Great Tournament, held here following Sir Rhys ap Thomas' appointment by Henry VII (for his assistance in defeating Richard III at Bosworth Field) to the status of Knight of the Garter.
Tidal Mill

And so to yet another building of great interest just beyond the castle. Following a fire in 1955 which destroyed a similar building in Pembroke, this tidal mill remains the only one of its kind in Wales. Much restoration work has taken place and it is hoped that in time, the mill will again be fully operational.

The millpond covers 23 acres and is flooded by the incoming tide twice each day. The flood gates close automatically and when the water is released through the sluice gates, the flow operates the machinery in the mill. Because of the differing times of the tides this led to some very unsociable working hours. After crossing this footbridge the path leads up the other side of the millpond opposite the castle and back to the main road.

 This aerial view of the whole site (left) has been scanned from a free newspaper readily available to visitors to Pembrokeshire.

There is a web site for
Carew Castle and Tidal Mill
that is well worth a visit if you would like to know more about the area.

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