Ilkeston Cam On Holiday 2002 - South West Wales
Part 03 - Manor House Wild Animal Park, St Florence, near Tenby

The photos on this page were taken on Sunday 14th July

Our first encounter with the birds of prey was when one of them snapped his tether and decided to help himself to someone's picnic lunch. He was soon re-united with his keeper but remained the centre of attention.

The nineteen year old African Tawny Eagle looked very comfortable cradled in his keeper's arms but the talons and beak could inflict a severe injury on the unwary. Although not tame, the eagle was "used to" humans and was fed well so no-one was in real danger.

A little later the eagle was part of a display flying around the picnic area in the park, landing in turn on each of the tables where visitors could get a close look.

This was as close as I got. He still had plenty to say for himself.

The second bird of prey to put in an appearance was this European Eagle Owl, seen here making friends with another visitor to the park.

For seventeen years the owl has been known as Horace and was thought to be a male. Still called Horace "he" laid an egg for the first time earlier this year.

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