Ilkeston Cam On Holiday 2002 - South West Wales
Part 07 - Lower Fishguard continued

The photos on this page were taken on Monday 15th July

As I continued my walk along the quay at Lower Fishguard, the cottages and the street lamps added to the "olde worlde" atmosphere despite the presence of modern day vehicles parked on the waterfront.

Empty seats beckoned invitingly to while away the time alongside tubs full of flower displays but I kept on walking, wanting to see what was around the next bend.

Even the wild flowers seemed to be in harmony with the place and if anything, enhanced rather than detracted from the view.

All too soon the end of the quay came into sight but having come this far I determined to carry on to the very end. And I was just in time to see the ferry leaving Fishguard Harbour (actually at Goodwick) bound for the North Sea and Ireland.

On this side of the harbour wall though two yachts anchored side by side showed no signs of leaving the safe waters of Lower Fishguard.

And right at the very end of the wall, three young fisherman were catching crabs by the bucketful. Apparently they were going to race them later and I assume they would then be returned to the deep.

I have to admit that when we first arrived in the main town of Fishguard, I felt a pang of dissapointment. It was not at all what I had expected but then having descended to the old part of town, I had found that Lower Fishguard far exceeded my expectations. It is just a delightful, relaxing place and will be high on the list of places to go if, or should that be when, we return to Pembrokeshire.

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