Ilkeston Cam On Holiday 2002 - South West Wales
Part 02 - Stackpole Estate

The photos on this page were taken on Sunday 14th July

The National Trust is Britain's largest conservation organisation committed to preserving the countryside and coastline as well as buildings, gardens and landscape parks. This area of coastline on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path not only lies within one of Britain's National Parks but also in the Trust's Stackpole Estate.
Information Centre, Stackpole

From the same headland I looked in the opposite direction down to the Information Centre and Tea Room at Stackpole Quay.
Stackpole Quay

And looking across the Quay to the cliff tops, a steady stream of people could be seen trekking westwards along the Coastal Path. I decided to follow them and descended to Stackpole Quay.
Rock Strata

Down at sea level, here is another view of the Quay but notice also the tilted rock strata on the left. I ascended the cliffs to the right and at the top an information board provided the following information.

"Stackpole Quay is on the boundary between the Old Red Sandstone cliffs which stretch to the east and the grey Carboniferous Limestone to the south and west. The limestone layers were tilted into a vertical position by the collision of two continents about 290 million years ago. This tiny harbour was constructed by the Cawdor family more than two hundred years ago. Several hundred tons of limestone were formerly shipped from here each year and enormous amounts of coal were imported by boat to provide fuel for Stackpole Court. Coal was also used to burn lime in the nearby limekiln. Today the harbour is used by local boatmen."

I read the board whilst gathering my breath after a stiff climb up a number of steps and then a short walk over the cliffs brought me in sight of the secluded Barafundle Beach. Grazing cattle looked perilously close to the edge of the cliff above the crevices and caves of the coast and I wondered if any of them ever ended up in the sea!

But it was now time to return and in the courtyard of the Information Centre where morning coffee was being served, large pots of plants enhanced the already pleasant surroundings. I thought that this rope had also been put to excellent decorative effect.

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