Ilkeston Cam On Holiday 2002 - South West Wales
Part 12 - Llansteffan Castle

The photos on this page were taken on Wednesday 17th July

Wednesday was the coolest and cloudiest day of our holiday but as it was market day in Carmarthen a trip into the neighbouring county beckoned. A modern shopping precinct with crowds of people milling around provided few opportunities for photography but the return journey to Saundersfoot via the scenic route made up for it. A stiff climb up to Llansteffan Castle soon warmed me up and I was rewarded with this view across to River Towy to Ferryside on the opposite bank.
Llansteffan Beach

Once inside the castle the village of Llansteffan and its beach soon became visible too.
River Towy

And of course there were some lovely views along the River Towy back towards Carmarthen.
Castle Grounds

Although in ruins, enough of the walls and buildings are still standing to show what an impressive place this must have been in its heyday.
Site of Chapel

On the seaward side this part of the castle that was the site of the chapel is not so well preserved and only these low walls remain.

Whilst looking round the castle two loud bangs startled all the visitors and several of us rushed to the wall overlooking Laugharne Sands where plumes of black smoke filled the atmosphere. As we watched another explosion in the same area took place followed by white smoke. Perhaps this was a deliberate ploy to disguise the pollution of the black smoke! As I descended from the castle, warning sirens from an emergency vehicle could be heard but I never did find out what had happened. All the maps of the area label Laugharne Sands "Danger Area" and as there is a military presence nearby one can only surmise....

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