Ilkeston Cam On Holiday 2002 - South West Wales
Part 04 - Manor House Wild Animal Park, St Florence, near Tenby continued

The photos on this page were taken on Sunday 14th July

There are many and various animals in the extensive grounds of the park housed in enclosures and compounds surrounding this building that contains a souvenir shop, a museum and a restaurant.

I don't regard this as a particularly good photo due to the contrast between the dark shadows and the bright sunlight but I've included it for amusement value only. Someone had dropped a booklet about the park into the otter enclosure where it found an interested reader. I'll let you think of your own caption but for starters, how about "I'm in here somewhere, you know".

Penguins more used to colder climes, were also out in the warm sunshine.

And in the reptile house, these youngsters were introduced to a handful of snakes.

Beyond the reptile house, another compound contained goats and a llama and visitors were able to hand feed them with bags of food available from the park entrance.

The llama was either very greedy or very hungry and would have helped himself if it had not been for the fence.

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