First Impressions
No. 05 - Sowbrook Lane
w/e 12 July 2020
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

We begin this fifth route into Ilkeston of the First Impressions series at the same place as the fourth route which is at Twelve House in New Stanton.

Sowbrook Lane

Instead of turning right though from Low's Lane into Ilkeston Road for the more direct route, this time we carry straight on in front of the twelve houses and along Sowbrook Lane.

The only other significant feature at this end of Sowbrook Lane is the large electricity substation, one of the main power supply points to the district, just after the houses.

After the substation Sowbrook Lane dips down to its lowest point at the bend in the road in the distance.

Close to that lowest point, a signpost indicates a footpath along a track on the left and from there a hedgerow can be seen across the field. The hedgerow indicates a small water course which also marks the parish boundary and the entry into Ilkeston.
Cattle Sign

After crossing the boundary a cattle sign on a lighting column warns of the entrance coming up shortly on the left to Sowbrook Farm.
Anglers Entrance

After the farm and on the threshold of Kirk Hallam is another entrance this time on the right. This is the way into Sowbrook Lake where fishing by Nottingham Anglers Association is "Strictly Members Only".

Sowbrook Lake

Sowbrook Lake which naturally enough is fed by waters in the Sow Brook from the Dale Abbey direction.
Swan Family

Between the Lake entrance and the next track on the right leading to the Kirk Hallam Social Club and Windsor Crescent Playing Fields a family of swans appears to have taken up residence on the grass.
Windsor Crescent

Kirk Hallam was once a village in its own right but since the development of the estates north and south of Ladywood Road it now forms part of Ilkeston. The Sowbrook Lane approach to the town is obviously not the most direct route to the town centre and from the edge of the estate there are several options. The quickest way would be to turn right into Windsor Crescent then right again along St Norbert Drive to Ladywood Road.
Nutbrook Crescent

St Norbert Drive EastSt Norbert Drive WestOn entering Kirk Hallam, Sowbrook Lane becomes Dallimore Road and carrying straight on past Dallimore Primary School leads to Nutbrook Crescent and the junction with St Norbert Drive, the main spine road through the estate. Keeping to the spine, turning west (left) or east (right) leads to Ladywood Road and it's from Ladywood Road that Part 6 will commence.

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